Easy Edible Snowman

As you know my kids love to craft and do artsy things, and I’m just not that talented. I aspire (as you can see via my Pinterest boards) but a majority of the time my crafts seem to be fails. This is an easy enough craft for slightly-uncrafty Moms, teens, and even elementary age kids can do and they all turn out super cute (the younger kids may need help with the nose, but that’s about it)! This would be a great treat to take along for the Christmas/Holiday parties at school, or just to decorate your Christmas table with. Let me know how yours turn out!
What You’ll Need:
6 big marshmallows
paper straws
icing coloring-black
small paint brush
mini colored marshmallows
Marshmallow fluff
First start by pushing your three marshmallows onto the paper straw.
Now get your icing coloring and dip your thin paint brush in it. carefully paint your face on your snow man and his buttons. Let dry for a few seconds. Now get a mini orange marshmallow and cut in half on an angle or his nose. Then dip the one end of the nose into Marshmallow fluff and press onto your snowman for his nose (trust me, marshmallow fluff is better than glue, and it’s edible!)
Let the Snowman nose set a minute before you try anything else. You have to let the fluff ‘stiffen’ a bit so you don’t bump it and make it fall off. Next you can cut off the left over straw sticking out from the bottom if you’d like.
Want the snow man to stand? Place a Marshmallow into a cupcake liner and put in microwave for about 10 seconds. Then press snowman into the big puff and let harden. 

You could add some cute little ‘snow’ (white sprinkes etc) to the bottom of the cupcake liner, use a decorative Christmas liner, or even put mini marshmallows in the bottom. Lots of options for this super easy craft!

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