Easy & Delicious Holiday Treats

One of our family traditions each year around the holidays is taking time to bake together. I’m not just talking a few dozen cookies  – I’m saying an all-out-all-day bake fest. My Grandma, Mom and Aunt have been doing this since I was a little kid, and I guess officially the past few years I have been deemed old enough to join (though I will have to say being the ‘kid’ and taste tester is way more fun).

We have a few classics we always make that are pretty easy (see below) – and I’ve found a new one I want to incorporate to our plans this year that looks delicious (and you know I love any recipe that includes the word easy). Easy Rugelach   from the Farm Girls Gab looks right up by alley. I can’t wait to try it out this year!

Peanut Butter Blossoms is one of my favorites! (especially right when they come out of the oven). This recipe from Musings From a Stay at Home Mom is right on target. You definitely need to add this to your holiday baking list!
peanut_butter_blossomsBeing from Ohio Buckeyes are also a traditional item we bake every year. Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom has a great step-by-step instruction guide for you to follow to make your own buckeyes at home!


This post is already starting to make me hungry  – I almost can’t wait to get baking! We can’t forget a few more of our holiday favorites though, like Chocolate Crinkles – the closest recipe I could find (without giving away family secrets lol) was through SimplyRecipes.These are also one of my favorites and my kids too!


and last but not least – we call it Peanut Raisin Candy,but others usually use Peanut Raisin Clusters. I think this is 110% my absolute favorite. Check out the crockpot recipe version over on Punkie Pie’s Place. What I love about these is you can freeze them for up to a year!

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