Don’t Wait for the Truck: Try Your Ice Cream Favorites at Walgreens

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Some of my favorite childhood memories include ice cream on the porch with my parents/grandparents/sister after a fun summer day. It seems like most childhood memories for people young and old include ice cream.  It’s an iconic symbol of American.
Did you know ice cream became an edible morale symbol during World War II?? Each branch of the military tried to outdo the others in serving ice cream to its troops. In 1945, the first “floating ice cream parlor” was built for sailors in the western Pacific. When the war ended, and dairy product rationing was lifted, America celebrated its victory with ice cream. Americans consumed over 20 quarts of ice cream per person in 1946. (read more at

American families have been celebrating love, life and liberty with ice cream, and you don’t have to wait for the ice cream truck this labor day to make those memories! Unilever ice cream brands (Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle) are available at Walgreens – and can help start making those memories that last a lifetime.


No waiting for the ice cream man, no long trips to ice cream shop – just make a stop at your local Walgreens. I have 2 within 5 minutes of  my house so it’s easy to run and pick up some Popsicles or Breyers ice cream which are some of our favorites. My kids love making ice cream cones, and it’s fun to watch them enjoy it (especially when they are little!)

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How do you Celebrate with Ice Cream?

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