Do You Have What It Takes To Take On the Motor Industry?

It’s a horrible feeling when you reach the top of a career ladder and discover that the view from the top isn’t as rosy as you’d once hoped. Perhaps the pay still doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements. Perhaps there simply isn’t enough challenge to excite and stimulate you. Maybe the standards throughout your operation simply aren’t the standards to which you hold yourself. There are a great many reasons why we decide that not only must we change jobs, we feel it’s pertinent to change entire careers and move onto a new industry. But whatever your reasons may be you may find a challenging and rewarding new home in the motor industry. If you love cars, are passionate about customer service and are prepared to work hard you can make an excellent living in the motor industry…


Easy entry


Many assume that the technical nature of the job would preclude new or retraining candidates from entry but in recent years there has actually been a substantial push from larger manufacturers and dealers to recruit outside of the industry, bringing their skills to bear while giving them extensive training to ensure that they can speak confidently and professionally about the more technical elements of the job. Moreover, as the motor industry is in a constant state of expansion there are usually a plethora of job opportunities available and it’s not uncommon for those in the industry to change disciplines allowing for great variety.


In sales


All sales professionals are hard working and dedicated, but few put in the hours and go above and beyond for their customers like those in the auto industry. If you have a background in sales and can demonstrate that you’re able to sell technical products to a non-technical buyer (e.g. software / machinery) a lack of experience in the car industry needn’t be an impediment. Unlike a lot of other sales jobs, the auto industry tends to offer pretty good basic (especially prestige brands) as well as impressive commissions especially when sales professionals are able to hit their top band consistently.


In aftersales


If you have a passion for customer service and are technically minded, yet don’t much like the idea of working in sales, there is still a huge demand for after sales professionals. Service advisors work hard to deliver outstanding customer care to customers coming in for repairs, servicing or routine maintenance. The trouble with maintenance is that the customer rarely sees the benefit of the had work which has gone on under the hood. It’s part of a service advisor’s job to build value into the work while also advising the customer of important work that needs to be carried out in an easy to understand and accessible manner.


Or run your own business


The great thing about the automotive industry is its scope for entrepreneurship. When you have a few years under your belt it’s entirely possible to start up your own business. If you can secure startup capital to get a modest inventory of cars, cheap motor trade insurance and a well equipped garage, the sky’s the limit. With more and more cars on the road every passing year there’s a constant stream of demand for your skills and expertise.


If you can endure the long hours and occasionally stressful nature of the job, the auto industry can provide every opportunity to make your career grow.

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