DIY Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Clear Ornament 
-Paper/Printer or baby’s hospital bracelet 
-Baby Washcloth, Piece of a blanket, or hat

-Baby Themed Scrapbook Pieces


-Begin by creating your “mock” hospital bracelet, (or using the original) this is super simple to do! I just simply went on to Microsoft word and typed in the information of a baby (name, DOB, height, weight, and gender), then simply printed out and cut out into the shape of a hospital bracelet.
-Now, carefully stick your baby wash cloth into the ornament to act as your filler.
-Choose your baby stickers that you would like to use and carefully place them into the ornament with a bit of a pressure to ensure that they stick within the ornament.
-Lastly for inside the ornament, slide your hospital bracelet into your ornament to just lay on top of everything else.
-Replace your ornament lid
-Using a ribbon, make a loop and tie it off with a bow to finish off your ornament
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