Delicious Quick & Easy Chicken Dinners with Marcangelo’s Flame Roasted Chicken

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It’s about to be that time of year again – I hate to even say the word. You know, the “S” word. The kids and I have been dreading it, but the school supply lists are already out, and the open house mailers already received. It’s back to school, and we all know what that means – gone are the lazy days of summer; back to the strict schedule of school days are here again.

Besides the obvious issue of getting up early (and going to bed the same) one of my most dreaded tasks of the school year dinners. By the time I get home from work , pick up kids (or run them where they need to go) cooking nearly becomes an impossible task. Sure we still have a bit longer of throwing things on the grill, but even then it can be time consuming.

Most of you know I will always share great recipes or products that make my life easier – and I have another one for you. Marcangelo Grilled Chicken products.

What I love best is they come in 3 DIFFERENT flavors; so no need to worry about what to fix. They have original fire grilled chicken breast strips, BBQ flavored, and Italian flavored.

You can pair the fire grilled chicken breast strips with a salad, or even a sandwich. The BBQ is great with a side of veggies and mac n’ cheese, and throw the Italian flavored pairs great with some pasta – all making some delicious and quick dinners for your family.

Grab your coupon here, for $1 OFF any flavor! You can find Marcangelo at Food Lion in the refrigerated section! But hurry , coupon expires on 8/31

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