Dating Under Quarantine

If you are social person, especially a single one, this quarantine has been a rough one. When you are used to running around here to there and hanging out with your friends, going on dates, and just enjoying your life – there is still a way for you to be dating under quarantine. Here’s some tips on dating under quarantine:

Take a Virtual Museum Tour

With amazing apps, like Zoom, you can share your share and share the amazing experience of visiting the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or even the Sistine Chapel – all from the comforts of your couch. It can be a great ‘internet’ date that can spark some great conversations that you might normally not have.

Dinner Delivery “Surprise”

If you are dating someone (or someones) casually, they probably know a decent amount about you. Maybe by this point you would have invited them over for dinner. Since we can’t do that right now, exchange addresses for a surprise takeout night that also helps support a local business. Set a time for delivery and schedule your favorite local dish to be delivered to their doorstep; get on Zoom or FaceTime and have ‘dinner together’ and see how they like your favorite meal. Definitely a fun virtual date night!

“Visit” the Zoo

Break out the Zoom and share your screen with your date and do a virtual zoo tour, or even a wildlife cam. Watch a baby eagle eat breakfast, watch the elephants play with their toys, or the polar bears take a plunge. You can even view the wolves in Minnesota, or see the gorillas in the Congo!

Not Dating Seriously Yet?

If you hadn’t met a special someone yet – here’s your time to shine. Everyone is online dating right now, so here’s your time to find the best site to meet your special someone, like the Glasgow dating site. Feel a bit more mature than those on a typical dating site? There are sites like over 50s dating in Glasgow that might be just the right fit for you.

Netflix Party

You can Zoom or Facetime while binging on a new show together, or laugh and crack jokes watching crazy documentaries like the Tiger King. You can learn a lot about a person based on what they watch! Sure you can’t cuddle up in person, but this is the next bst thing.

Play Games Online Together

You can play Scrabble, chess or card games. Be on the phone ,or FaceTime while you play so it ‘feels’ in person. It’s fun to challenge and even trash talk each other – competition is good for any relationship!

Get Your Dance On

Hundreds of fitness trainers and celebrities are live streaming their workouts to make working at home even easier. (Hello Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor). So schedule a time to take this class together -from afar – and have some fun! They even have some dance only based work outs that will make your heart race. Pop open the Zoom video and get your booties moving!

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