What To Consider When Designing a Nursery

When you’re preparing to bring a new baby home, there’s so much to think about, from clothes and supplies you’ll need, to the logistics that will come with juggling everyday life and the demands of your new little one.

Another important component of preparing for a baby is designing a nursery, particularly if you’re first-time parents. You want a nursery that meets all your own needs since you’ll be spending so much time there with your baby, but also one that looks great, and hopefully that your baby can grow into as they get older and their needs change.

The following are some tips to follow that will make your nursery functional and stylish, regardless of your aesthetic.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

Window coverings are really important in the overall design of a nursery for a few reasons. First, you want to choose window coverings that are going to block out light, which is critical during those many hours your baby will spend sleeping.

You also need safe coverings, which is of particular importance as your baby gets older.

You might want to go with wooden blinds for the most light blocking, as long as you choose a cordless option.

You can then layer them with a valance or window panels to keep the look soft.

Build the Room Around the Crib

Once you’ve got windows covered, think about choosing the crib first. This will let you build the rest of the room’s design around that central piece of furniture.

Remember, when it comes to choosing a crib don’t go with a used or vintage option because of safety issues, and try to look for one that will convert to a toddler bed or a twin bed, which will be useful as your child grows.


When people are designing a nursery, they’ll often pick the paint color or color scheme first, but then find that it’s more difficult to design the rest of the room around that.

Instead, choose the window coverings, then the crib, and then all of the textiles before considering colors. That way, you can pick a paint color that works with your bedding, your rugs and any other items you have in the room. It’s much easier to choose a single coordinating paint color, as opposed to having to base everything in the room around a color.

Create a Space For You

Parents often don’t realize that the person who should feel happiest in their baby’s nursery, at least for a while, is them. Choose colors that you find soothing, and create a space for you with a comfortable chair, and storage for items you’ll need while you’re in there.

This can be a nursing station, or just any area that you’ll find is relaxing for you.

Finally, if possible, try to install a ceiling fan in your nursery. Ceiling fans can help make you more comfortable when you’re with your baby, but they can also be useful in helping prevent SIDS, so they’re a great décor option to consider.



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