Cleaner Eating to Reduce Unnecessary Health Hiccups

Eating clean is a popular notion these days. We’re never sure how pre-prepared meals have been put together and eating in a restaurant presents the same challenges. Preparing our own food is a better bet if we can adjust our lifestyle to fit it into our daily schedule. When knowing what you’re eating and how it’ll affect your body, you can fuel up right and reduce problems that arise when ingesting something that’s not good for you.

Here are a few options to eat cleaner in different ways.

Ketogenic Diet to Manage Sugar & Weight Levels

A ketogenic diet is cleaner than a regular eating plan because it reduces carbohydrates, which tends to reduce sugar intake, too. While sugar is most often converted to glucose and used for direct energy in the body, too much sugar potentially can overwhelm it and require the release of insulin to balance sugar levels in the bloodstream.

When eating meals that are ketogenic (and possibly taking healthy supplements from too) there aren’t the mood swings and sudden energy spikes followed by feeling tired with diets loaded with sugar. Fat is also burned more aggressively when sugar is less prevalent in the diet, leading to healthy weight loss.

Paleo Diet for Fewer Additives and Unknown Extras

The Paleo diet originated in the 1970s but has recently become very popular. The diet includes a higher amount of (lean) protein than most diets usually do. The fat intake is often higher thanks to the inclusion of cashews, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and pecan nuts. Vegetables grown above ground and tending to be starchier are commonly eaten.

A lot of the food is consumed either raw or lightly cooked. The idea with this diet is to limit the possible chemicals, additives, and other unwanted extras that sometimes come with other types of food. Paleo ingredients are often organic to avoid the additives too.

Beware of overeating due to portion size mismanagement and a limited choice of ingredients that fit Paleo diet requirements. People eating Paleo often must prepare food at home because there are few, if any, suitable restaurants in the local area. Health-conscious Californians have far more Paleo-serving restaurants than Oregon.

Smart Snacking Between Meals

Clean eating when snacking between meals to satiate hunger pangs is a major challenge on any diet plan. Avoiding sugar spikes is also important when working to keep the day on a more even keel. Sensible snacks can fit into a diet plan when planned in advance.

For instance, certain types of unsalted nuts match both Paleo and Ketogenic diet plans alike. They provide a good portion of protein and healthy oils, with limited carbs or sugars. Fruit is also good depending on what it is. Dried fruit can be okay, but review the ingredients to see whether sugar has been added and what the ingredient’s label says about how many grams of sugar is present.

Eating cleaner helps both reduce the number of health issues but also rules out several potential causes too. For doctors, this often makes it easier to diagnose an illness. Ultimately, food (and drink) can be either good or bad for you, depending on what it is and how much of it you’re consuming on a regular basis.

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