Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers

I am a bit of peanut butter lover – it’s sweet, and a healthier alternative to other sugary snacks, and I pretty much keep a jar everywhere I spend any quality amount of time. For example – in my snack drawer at work (don’t tell me you don’t have a snack drawer? If you spend 40 plus hours a week in an office where you don’t really take a lunch break – you have a snack drawer). I have a jar of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter and a bag of pretzels.


This is a quick and easy snack that I can keep on hand whenever I get hungry – a much healthier choice than other snacks and filling.

Now there are occasions when I need to get that peanut butter/chocolate fix; my favorite recipe is chocolate covered peanut butter crackers.  If you’ve never made these yourself, you are missing out!


Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers
makes about a dozen

melting chocolates (I prefer white chocolate)
½ cup Skippy Natural Peanut Butter
24 crackers

Spread a small amount of the peanut butter mixture onto a cracker and sandwich together with another cracker.
Repeat until all the crackers and peanut butter filling have been used.
Put crackers onto a parchment line baking sheet and place in freezer for about 30 minutes.
Melt the melting chocolates and dip the chilled peanut butter sandwiches into the chocolate until completely covered.
Shake off any access chocolate and place back onto the parchment lined baking sheet.
Repeat with the remaining sandwiches and set aside to dry, for about an hour.
Serve and enjoy!


Let me warn you – these are addictive! They don’t last long in my house, and I’m sure they won’t in yours either!

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