Car Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning out your car can be one heck of a chore. BUT there are a few hacks that can help make that job a little bit easier.

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To do a deeper clean of your seats’ upholstery, make a paste out of vinegar and baking soda. scrub it into your upholstery and then rinse it out. It will take away dirt you didn’t even know was in there! It will also help with smells you didn’t even know were there!

Clean your cars dashboard by applying a few drops of olive oil to the coffee filter. You may want to use an eyedropper to control the amount of oil you apply. You can add more olive oil to the coffee filter as needed. Wipe until dust and dirt are removed! You can also use this method on pleather or leather seats and armrests

Once you get your cup holders clean, but a silicone cupcake liner in them. The liners will gather any gunk that found its way there, and the next time you go to clean the car, all you’ll have to do is take out the liners, shake them out, rinse, dry, and pop them back in! Trust me, you’ll thank me once you start using them!

If you are like me, your pup likes to go in the car – like rides are her favorite thing! ,But the mess she can leave behind is – pretty ick. So since you can’t really help it, and you don’t want to leave those poor puppy dog eyes at home, there’s a super easy cleaning hack to get rid of all that hair. Mist the seat with some water (just use a spray bottle with plain water) and use a squeegee and run it over the upholstery, it will take all the pet hair with it!

Laundry scent balls, or even the ‘crystals’ that help make your laundry smell soo good – can work for your car! Put some in a mason jar and poke a few holes in the lid of the jar – this will help keep your vehicle smelling so fresh and so clean!

Dryer sheets are really good for getting bug guts off your car! Before going to the car wash, take the dryer sheets and rub them across your car,windshield, fender, etc, when you go to wash your car, all the bug guts will come with it!

What are your hacks for cleaning your car??



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