Why Where Buying Your Car Matters

A lot of people will tell you it doesn’t matter where you buy your car, but the condition of the car when you buy it. When the condition is the most important factor buying from a dealership that will back their vehicles and keep you coming back.
Places like Bob Fisher Chevrolet offers Chevrolet Protection Plans that gives you confidence and comfort to help enhance your Chevy ownership experience. 
Chevrolet Protection Plan comes with extras in addition to coverage for approved repairs (based on the package you choose) it also includes lost key and lockout, trip interruption, towing and road service and rental car payment or reimbursement.

Gap Coverage is also offered – that way if you have an accident and your vehicle is considered a total loss, most insurance policies will only pay the market value of your vehicle, which would leave you responsible for any difference. GAP Coverage will cover that difference.
Tire and Wheel Protection Road hazards can be unpredictable. But with Chevrolet Tire and Wheel Protection, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle’s tires and wheels are protected from covered road hazards.
Pre Paid Maintenance  Confidence on the road means keeping your Chevrolet running at its best. With the Chevrolet Pre-Paid Maintenance plan for your Chevrolet, there’s less guesswork with recommended service schedules. The Pre-Paid Maintenance Plus plan helps cover the cost associated with the recommended maintenance so you can help keep your Chevrolet running strong.
These are only a few of the perks of the Chevy Protection Program – check out the dealership for more info! 
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