Holiday Prep Tips for Busy Moms from Best Buy

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Holidays can be a hectic time for everyone, especially Moms- there’s family pictures, and relatives in and out of your house, cookies to be baked, hams to be cooked, gifts to be bought, and did I mention more food to be made?? I know that I have spent many, many, late nights and early mornings staying up baking , cooking and  decorating for the holidays. It’s absolutely exhausting. 


To make things a little easier, (and help you get a bit more sleep and enjoyment out of the holidays) I’ve made a list of tips for preparing for the holidays for busy moms. 

Make a Grand Entrance – you only have once to make a good first impression.  So making sure that the outside of your home and entry way is clean, organized and decorated is key. If you are too busy to get everything done with the decorations that you  want, having the main part of your home  decorated and cleaned will keep you from feeling completely overwhelmed.

Follow the “Party Path” – So you may not have time to clean the entire house from top to bottom before the in-laws come in town for the big Thanksgiving feast. Concentrate on the ‘party path’. Walk into each room/entry way/hallway your guest will be in and take a look around – does the door to the bathroom have dirt marks on the bottom from your son kicking it open with his muddy boot? Are there smudgy chocolate hand prints on the cabinet from when your daughter got herself a glass of milk after eating cookies?  Take  care of the major issues from room to room – including the ceilings,walls and light fixtures. You will feel a lot more comfortable the time you have to  clean.

Beautify the Bathroom –  Especially focus on the vanity and the sink, tuck stray items from the countertop into drawers, clean the mirror, wipe down the counter, sink and fixtures. Have fresh towels, extra toilet tissue, clean fresh rugs, and air freshener available.

Hit the Kitchen –  making sure that your kitchen is sparkling clean (floors, baseboards, cabinets, frig) dishes are washed, and groceries are bought. You (and your guests) will probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. With the hours upon hours of cooking and baking that you’ll have to do, you want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful, and quick.

One thing that I’ve always wanted was something to make the cooking and baking easier – and I completely am in love with some of  the latest appliance technology they are offering at Best Buy. The Frigidaire FGIF3061NF has induction cooking that enables you to boil water in less than two minutes, plus induction reduces clean up time because spills don’t burn on. This Frigidaire range also includes a convection oven which circulates the air in the oven for quicker baking time.  Another great innovation within cooking are double ovens that let you cook two dishes at two different temperatures at once like the Whirlpool WGG555S0BS but still fits within the space of a standard range.  All of this technology will allow you to get the food the way you want it prepared and saves you time so you can spend it with the ones you love.

Check out all the other holiday prep items over at Best Buy!

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24 Responses to Holiday Prep Tips for Busy Moms from Best Buy

  1. I do a lot of my shopping at Best Buy. They definitely have a lot of great gift ideas!

  2. Shell says:

    I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about the holidays! I love shopping at Best Buy.

  3. Christie says:

    I would love to grab some new appliances from Best Buy! Merry Christmas to me 🙂

  4. Debra says:

    My stove and oven work overtime during the holidays. We always seem to host and everyone acclimates in the kitchen. It is the center of our home!

  5. Pam says:

    I always host Thanksgiving at my house, and there are plenty of times I’ve wished for an extra oven. I love the double ovens at Best Buy. If I hosted more often, I would definitely buy one!

  6. I’ve got to get to Best Buy and start looking at some new appliances for my kitchen. I’m in the market for a few big pieces.

  7. We love Best Buy. They have such a great rewards program and we often accumulate points and put those towards cash on something new.

  8. Dawn says:

    My family and I always love shopping at Best Buy. My husband and I have been looking a lot at their cameras lately!

  9. Christina says:

    I do most of my holiday shopping at best buy. I love their customer service and the rewards program.

  10. I like the tips for cleaning the bathroom. But I know my mother in law is so rummaging through the drawers to see what I have hidden away.

  11. Tracey says:

    Love these tips! Plus, Best Buy is my go to place for gifts!

  12. Debbie Denny says:

    Fantastic tips. Oh hard to believe holidays will be here. Best Buy is the go to place.

  13. Best Buy has an awesome selection. Thanks for reminding me to check them out!

  14. I especially agree about making sure you kitchen is spotless before hand. A messy kitchen can be so hard to cook in and make you feel even LESS like cleaning up.

  15. Rosey says:

    I’m all for saving time cooking so I can spend time with family and friends. I like Best Buy, they’ve got a great selection of appliances.

  16. I always check Best Buy if i am looking to buy a new item. I love the great customer service i always receive. It is a great place to go do some Holiday shopping.

  17. Amy Desrosiers says:

    A clean vanity and bathroom mirror are a must! I hate when I visit and see a dirty bathroom at someone’s home! Yuck!

  18. kristin says:

    Best Buy is one of my favorite places to shop for electronics. Cant wait for holiday shopping.

  19. Kendra says:

    I would love new appliances from Best Buy for Christmas. You’re right with all the running over the holidays any timessvers are great.

  20. I love getting new appliances! Great tips too! First impression is everything.

  21. Billie says:

    It would be so helpful to have a double oven!

  22. Felicia says:

    Prep items are a good thing to have. We host Thanksgiving here and it is nice to have things together and functioning.

  23. mommy2jam says:

    YES for all the busy mimes out there. I needed this, and these tips are great. I love best buy and my teenager loves their electronic section.

  24. I would do absolutely anything for a new oven. Especially a stainless steel one!

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