Boost Your Weight Loss Results with Fuelslim

On occasion you need an extra boost to help you with your weight loss goals – to jump start your body and get you results in a hurry. Instead of trying dangerous diets or pills, you can try a healthy alternative to help you burn that extra fat. I am happy to tell you – I have found something that works!
I was given the chance to try FUELSLIM Fit Drink which is an all-natural way to lose weight and help keep it off. It contains 13 all-natural fat burning ingredients including garcinia cabogia, forskolin, CLA, L-Carnitine, Rasberry Ketone, Mucuna Pruriens,  and no stimulants. It’s also sugar-free, gluten-free and has no chemical preservatives.

One of my favorite things about FuelSlim is not only the great tasting drinks that help boost my mood, suppresses my appetite, blocks fat absorption, builds lean muscle, breaks down existing fat, and provides key vitamins, but that it gives me a unique diet plan based on my bodies needs. You test your fat burning ability with a fuelstrip to determine where you need to focus to burn the most fat – have you ever had a friend who swore  by a diet and workout, and it didn’t do a thing for you?? It could be because you burn fat differently. By finding have efficient your body burns fat, you can adapt your meals and work outs to be the most effective.

They also recommend that while taking FUELSLIM that you follow their 30 day diet; I have to admit this is key to loosing weight, and keeping it off. I love that they give my options because I am horrid at picking out food and keeping it healthy and within my calorie goals. You can actually read all about the details about the diet here.

OK to get started you have lots of different options for products. I started off with Slim Forever which gave me 2 containers of Fuelslim, a shaker, and the fuelstrips. (see pic below).

I have to admit – I like the strawberry with lots of ice the best. But the orange is pretty flavorful too. I think the hardest habit to beat was grabbing something to eat or snack on because when you sit at a desk all day that’s one thing you have to look forward to ya know?  So I started going to get crushed ice to put my  FUELSLIM formula in, and chewing on ice helped with that bad habit. Another hard thing was detoxing from  sugar – I am a sugar addict, and I would say probably for the first 15 days I wasn’t the most pleasant to be around because I feening for something sweet.

After about 3 weeks I was feeling better, had more energy and was down over 15 pounds! I have another week left of my FUELSLIM and I can definitely say I will be ordering some more soon. I have about 50 more pounds to lose and I declare that 2015 is my year – with the help of Fuelslim!

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