Book Review: A Day to Remember

My kids love to read. I can proudly say, for once, this is something they got from me. When I start a book I have a really hard time putting it down until the very end. I have spent many late nights sitting up reading into the wee hours of the morning and I have caught my girl’s on more then one occasion reading under the covers.
So of course when I got the opportunity to read a fellow bloggers hot -off- the press children’s book I was excited! The excitement was catching, because both my girl’s were ecstatic about getting a chance to do a review of their own (since Mommy always gets to do all the fun stuff!)

A Day to Remember



Annie and her friends – the BFFs – hang out every day. They love to play at the park, run to the candy truck for treats, and just spend time together. But on one hot summer day, they make a decision that creates a day to remember. Join Annie, Katie, Tara, Angela, and Beth in their first adventure as they learn what it means to respect others.


I gave my 9 year old the chance to read it first and told her I wanted her to give me her opinion by the end of the week – later that night she came into my room to tell me she had finished it and she really really wanted to know when the next one would be coming out. The book not only kept her interested, but it taught her about respect, choices and consequences, friendship and of course the bit of mystery kept her reading until the last page.


Both of my girls highly recommend giving this a read – and then patiently wait for the next one to come out!


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bff twitter party



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