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Birthday parties for kids can be – stressful. The organizing, planning, baking,cooking, and on and on the list goes and then as parents we seem to spend more time being the party planner and coordinator than we do enjoying our own kids birthdays! With 2 of my kids having March birthdays I cannot tell you how many hours I would spend cleaning, organizing, cooking and trying to make my house comfortable enough for everyone to cram into , while kids run around screaming and playing (doesn’t that just stress you out thinking about it?!) This year we decided to let someone else do all the work and enjoy – which is why we booked our party at Lazer Kraze.

Lazer Kraze is a family fun center full of activities to keep kids of all ages active and having fun. with world class laser tag, a gigantic indoor trampoline, and a awesome arcade filled with possibilities, it makes the perfect place to have a birthday party.

Now besides the awesome fun that everyone is going to have – when you get a birthday party, you get a party room along with..wait for it – your own party hostess! Pretty much she (or he) will organize and do everything you need to have a successful birthday. They set up your event times and make sure everyone has everything they need, they get your drinks, order your food, (and serve it) keeps a list of all your birthday child’s gifts and who they are from (so they can write thank you’s later), serves the cake, refills drinks, and anything else you need. You actually get to sit back, relax (or join in on the fun) and not worry. This alone makes it worth every penny to book a party at Lazer Kraze!

Now for my daughter’s birthday we decided to do the trampoline and the laser tag. Adults are welcome, and kids over 4. Let me tell ya’ – wear a t-shirt. That jumping is no joke! It’s a ton of fun, and I loved the idea of all the kids getting so active!

Jump!! #LazerKraze #birthdaypartyfun #jump @lazerkrazemason

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There’s music playing, and kids (and adults) jumping. You can jump off the walls and even do flips (as long as you can land on your feet – you know versus your head)

#LazerKraze #birthdaypartyfun #jump @lazerkrazemason

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After our adventure in the trampoline area, we had a quick break and we headed to Laser Tag! Again, another even that all the adults have joined in on (maybe we are just a fun loving family? If you want, the kids can go shoot it out, and you can sit in the party room and sip your beverage).

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Now I didn’t get too many photos inside the laser tag room (I was too busy shooting!) but it was a complete blast! The kids had a ton of fun (little and big) and at the end you get a score card to see how you did and which team won. To be honest, we will be back just to compete in laser tag (I need a rematch!)

20160305_121951(It’s quite neon in there!)
After our game of laser tag, we headed back to the party room for pizza! Now I have been to places where we’ve ordered food and wished we hadn’t. But I was pleasantly surprised of how good it was! Everyone enjoyed it, and it was very affordable.

Pizza & cake in the party room! #LazerKraze #lazertag #trampoline #jump #birthdaypartyfun

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We ate, opened gifts and then had cupcakes! Our hostess was extremely helpful and kind – and then it was time for the arcade before the party was over! (the kids had a ton of fun in the arcade – and cashing in their tickets for prizes! )

You can book your own Lazer Kraze party at any of their 3 locations in Mason,OH – Columbus, OH – Erlanger,KY

There are a ton of great options for parties and their staff will be more than happy to recommend which party would be best for your needs!

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