The BEST Travel Backpack On the Market!

If you’re shopping around for your next best travel bag, you might find the entire search to be rather intimidating. Considering there are millions of products on the market, it’s no wonder the idea of having to choose one specific bag seems to be more of a hassle than anything else. Well, we’ve just made it that much easier for you (and ourselves!) by finally finding the best of the best in travel bags available today. We searched high and low for this coveted bag, and rest assured when we say that this one from Standard Luggage really caught our eye. If you’re travelling soon, thinking of booking a trip, or simply need a cool bag to get you around town with everything you need, the Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack is for you! Read on to find out more.

The Standard Carry-on Travel Backpack is the ultimate bag for international travel with a maximum capacity of 35 – 45L. It’s clever design allows for multiple compartments where you can stash away almost anything for your trip. There are also a select few interchangeable straps which allow for different looks, which might be useful if you’re planning on sharing this with your significant other. Personally, we think the best part of this bag happens to be the fact that the laptop and the luggage compartments are separate so it’s extra convenient when it comes to security checks at the airport.


Here’s a quick glimpse into what the backpack has to offer:


  • Clam-shell opening allowing for efficient packing
  • State of the art compression straps to keep your contents as secure as possible
  • Concealable backpack straps to transform the bag into a backpack right away
  • Zips which can expand to add up to 10L capacity immediately
  • Removable laptop sleeve for the easiest access to your electronic devices in an instant
  • Two easy to access front pockets – great for documents and more!
  • Speed handles which allow you to carry the bag in the most comfortable way possible for you
  • A safety whistle to bring you back to safety when you might need it
  • Water resistant in its entirety
  • Rain cover to keep all of your valuables safe and dry at all times
  • Premium shoulder strap which you can use to carry the bag on your shoulders when you see fit, or remove it when not in use
  • Two interchangeable leather covers so that you can switch up the look
  • A Lifetime warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed


It’s no surprise that owners of the bag are raving about its superb design. In fact, one reviewer claims that, “It has all the features we need – laptop compartment, clam shell design, enough space while staying carry-on compliant, and looks great too.” Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?


If you’re curious and want to find out for yourself, you can read on at the Standard Luggage Blog to find out more and view a demo! In order to place your order immediately, or see the whole line of bags from this reliable brand, you can visit the Standard Luggage Travel Backpack Store.


Happy Travels, Everyone!


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