Best Auto Insurance Quotes for the Seasoned Motorist

You’ve been driving for years, and know that you’re a safe, low-risk driver. As such, you’re entitled to a good rate on your auto insurance premium. So, what aspects of you and your driving history should net you a lower price?



A Good Credit Score

Having a good credit score is highly beneficial in general, as it lowers the price, or opens up opportunities to acquire things you need. Money Crashers reports that’s there’s no hard and fast rate on credit ratings versus premium costs, but the rule is that the lower your credit score is, the lower your auto insurance premiums are.


A Low Number of Previous Claims

If you’re a safe and careful driver, you’re much more likely to have made little to no claims on your auto insurance policy. As a company, your auto insurance provider should value your business as you have proven yourself a conscientious motorist. Because you’re a low-risk driver, your insurance premium should be low cost.


A Good Quality Car

The quality of the vehicle you’re insuring has a huge impact on your policy. The safety rating of your car is an important part of your policy, and the safer your vehicle the lower your monthly premium expenses.


Shop Around

It’s tempting to stick with the same insurance provider. After all, it can feel like a pain to shop around, and surely your current provider must be offering you preferential rates for being a loyal customer, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Plans change, and the fine print of your insurance contract can either reduce your premium, or increase it.


Companies like CoverHound find the best auto insurance quotes through their online comparison service, so all you have to do is type in a few details and you’ll get a customized list from reputable insurers in a matter of minutes. This will help you to learn what other companies offer, and allow you to adjust your own plan should you decide to stay with your current provider.


Low Mileage

The more often you’re on the road, the likelier you are to end up in an accident while driving. If you can keep your mileage down, it’s a fairly easy way of keeping your premium costs down too.


Being a Considerate Driver

Being a safe driver, you never receive traffic citations, and you’d never dream of doing anything on the road that’d lead to you hurting another driver or yourself. Any traffic violation will drive up the costs of your premiums by a huge margin, so be sure to drive responsibly.



Knowing What Discounts You’re Eligible For

As a safe and experienced driver, you’re probably eligible for at least one discount that you’re not currently aware of. Some insurance providers will give you a multi-policy discount if you or another member of your household already has a policy with them. You could also be offered discounts if you’ve taken safe driving courses, have anti-theft devices in your car, or have been a reliable customer with your insurer over a period of years. The only way to find out is to ask, so get on the phone and check.


Being a Responsible Car Owner

Being a safe driver isn’t all about how you drive, it also relies on keeping your car in tip top shape. Responsible drivers keep their cars locked in garages overnight, maintain them regularly, and overall just take care of their vehicles. Keeping them locked up overnight is especially good for your premium, as it means it’s much less likely to be stolen or vandalized when parked on the street.


Knowing the good habits that affect your auto insurance premium is highly valuable, but its only half the battle. Once you have that knowledge, come renewal time you’ll know exactly what should be knocked off of your monthly statement – all you have to do is ask

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