Beauty Really IS More Than Skin Deep

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Almay, but as usual all opinions are my own.

Beauty is usually the first thing that attracts us to a person – whether it be a toddler, or a grown adult, we tend to gravitate towards those who have an attractive physical appearance. We all strive to be the best we can be. We work out so we can have an attractive shape, we get our hair done, use the best make-up, buy the most fashionable clothes. But the strive and desire to be beautiful can turn ugly fast. Especially as women, we tend to judge others quickly and harshly – sometimes just because we feel so inadequate ourselves. 


I spent many years as a teenager comparing myself to those around me  – I was never skinny enough, pretty enough, my hair was too long – then too short. I needed braces, I needed contacts instead of glasses, I need to tweeze and pluck and shave. I was constantly comparing myself to others, and honestly that alone made my life pretty darn miserable.


It wasn’t until many many years later that I learned to accept that I wasn’t ever going to be as ‘beautiful’ as I thought the other women were. I learned to accept there were all kinds of beauty – and beauty was more than just what I looked like. Beauty was who I was deep down, who I was when no one was around. How I treated others, how I reacted in bad situations. I was beautiful, though not always in the tradition sense, but in all the important ways.


I also learned that there are a lot of beautiful people out there – tons of beautiful woman who I couldn’t hold a candle to in comparison in our physical aspects, but were ugly on the inside. Physical beauty fades eventually – and a ‘pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart.’ Real beauty shines from the inside out.


Check out what Almay & Carrie Underwood have to say about beauty!

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47 Responses to Beauty Really IS More Than Skin Deep

  1. alittlemoore says:

    Great post! I am all for Almay and anyone promoting a positive message about what beauty truly is!

  2. Donna says:

    I could not agree more about a pretty face and an ugly heart. I’ve known many women (and men) that at first I thought were beautiful, but after getting to know them… not so much.

  3. This is a great post about real beauty. I was/still am sometimes like you- always comparing myself. I am constantly reminding myself not to and to set a better example of what real beauty is for my daughter.

  4. Randa says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the ugly heart quote. An ugly personality takes over a pretty face.

  5. Beauty is definitely on the inside. Letting that shine is important.

  6. My girls love their products. I like that they promote beauty is on the inside!

  7. Beauty is definitley what’s on the inside. I agree with that more and more each day!

  8. Terry says:

    Sometimes we have to learn to accept ourselves the way we are . Beauty fades as we get older so we might as well get used to the way we are now.

  9. I love makeup (most likely more) as much as the next person, but there are more days I go without it than with it. Love yourself. RuPaul says that if you don’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love someone else?!

  10. Kay Adeola says:

    Great post,Beauty comes from what is within,whats on the outside never needs changing as that is who you are.

  11. Liz Mays says:

    If there isn’t inner beauty, there is no beauty. I love the confidence some women have with going makeup-free. I can do it sometimes, but not all the time. Love the message of this campaign.

  12. Thanks for the great reminder! Beauty comes within!

  13. Shell says:

    I love the quote about how it’s not the most beautiful person you’ll remember. That’s so true.

  14. such a wonderful message and SO true! Love all the quotes you used too!

  15. Amanda H. says:

    I love the new makeup palettes that make applying eye shadow so easy. Carrie’s look is timeless too.

  16. Jaime says:

    This is such a great, positive post. I remember reading all of the teen magazines and wishing I could look just like the models. I wish I had been a little more positive and accepting of myself back then!

  17. I love when cosmetic companies promote inner beauty too! It’s so important for our girls to grow up knowing that what’s inside matters the most!

  18. Inspirational post!! Isn’t it funny how people with ugly hearts are ugly in sight too. I love that graphic in your post!

  19. You know something funny, I love Almay products because of so many things they contribute to. But I don’t have a lot of experience with their products. I love their marketing and packaging and having an MBA makes me a stickler for stuff like that.

  20. Felicia says:

    I love this positive message! I also love those quotes.

  21. Kecia says:

    Society has programmed most of us to rely heavily on first impressions. However, I have found that there are many pretty faces out there, but that doesn’t mean they have a pretty soul!

  22. Jennifer B says:

    I agree with everything in this post. Great write up!

  23. There are so many shades of beauty. Sin care is so important on so many levels that go way beyond looking how society tells us we should look.

  24. I love the message about beauty. Thanks so much for this inspirational post.

  25. Christie says:

    Such a great campaign for Almay. I love the positive tone they’re setting!

  26. Brandi says:

    I try and tell my daughters that beauty isn’t always about what a person looks like on the outside. An attitude can greatly shape how a person is viewed!

  27. Beauty is more than skin deep indeed. It truly comes from within

  28. Theresa says:

    I find that I am more attracted to people who shine from within. I love the quote about the beauty and ugly heart. It’s so true!

  29. Carrie Underwood is a good role model! I love her and was so happy when she won American Idol!

  30. I try really hard to give my daughter compliments other than you are so beautiful. Of course she is my baby and I do tell her that she is- but I also will add to it. I tell her that I love how funny she is, how generous and how loving she is.

  31. Lisa says:

    So true and such an important message. It baffles me that people still can’t see beyond the outside.

  32. Aimee says:

    This is a great campaign, this message needs to be shared. I love Almay products!

  33. Pam says:

    I love this campaign and I have always felt this way. The same goes for religion. Going to church does not make for a “good” or “religious” person. There is so much more to beauty and spirit.

  34. Debbie Denny says:

    I so agree with this. Actions and soul are what makes a person beautiful.

  35. Rosey says:

    My grandma used to say, ‘beauty is only skin deep.’ I never got it until I got older. She was meaning inner beauty is far more important than physical beauty. She was a smart gal. 🙂

  36. I love this campaign and promoting a positive self-image. Hair color or a certain weight or certain features is not what makes a person beautiful. It’s so much more than that!

  37. I love Almay and Carrie Underwood. I think they did a good job picking her as they’re spokesperson.

  38. Kathy says:

    I love the eye shadow compact in the first picture. I love this campaign and how they promote a good self-image.

  39. Chrysa says:

    This is such an important campaign. Thanks for telling me about it and I’ll share it! Carrie Underwood is such a great role model.

  40. I think it’s so great that Almay is doing this campaign. If you have a pretty face, to me, it doesn’t mean anything unless you also have a pretty heart.

  41. I tell my girls this all the time. I love this campaign.

  42. Kiwi says:

    I am a beauty blogger but I always have to clarify that my beauty isnt always about beauty products, makeup or appearance. There are so many beautiful people with ugly/disturbed spirits and its true. Your internal will show up in your appearance anyways so beauty is definitely beyond skin deep.

  43. I’ve always been most attracted to people who were beautiful on the inside. Outer beauty is nice to have but inner beauty is the only beauty that is important.

  44. I love all of these. Especially the very last one!

  45. Love Carrie Underwood. I love this message. It’s so needed!

  46. becka says:

    I agree that if you are pretty it means nothing if you have an ugly heart. 🙂 Great quote and good products

  47. I absolutely love your first meme. It’s so true! I can still recall the people who were kind to the then awkward High Schooler who did not know Spanish and had recently moved to Puerto Rico. They changed my world, by looking beyond the exterior and noticing the “me” inside. So powerful. Thank you for sharing this campaign and for reminding me of those very special people. {{Hugs}}

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