Back to School with Organizher Review & Giveaway


If there is one thing I love about Back to School preparations is the feeling that it’s like a new year. The resolutions from January are by far long gone, but the beginning of the school year gives me a new chance to pick up where I left off. One of my goals/resolutions every year is to be more organized. With three kids and a full-time job as well as my other hobbies, being organized is a must to be successful.
Last year I discovered Organizher products by Mead. Let me tell you – I’m in office/school supply heaven!  The great thing about these products are they are made with Mom’s in mind – from their On-the-Go Family planner, expense tracking, meal planning and more! I have yet to find an Organizher product that I didn’t like. The colors and designs are something I would design myself.

on the go filer


This expanding file lets you organize paperwork on the go, whether you’re prepping for tax season during ballet practice or doing your best to keep work documents separated from the household lists, schedules and bills. With this filer you have six pockets to fill and a handle to pick it up at a moments notice.


Organizher sent me the on-the go filer to use, and let me tell you I love it! With its sleek look, and ZIPPING feature makes this one of my all time favorite office products.  It’s also very durable – between me carrying it around between home and office, and it being thrown all over the place in the car, it’s taken a beating and still continues to hold up. I am able to store my blog projects, bills, and all the kids paperwork for back-to-school and have it at my finger tips. I used to carry all the stuff in my planner in my purse and by the time I pulled it out it looked like it had been ran over by a car! This is definitely a better way to keep my paperwork not only organized, but clean!



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9 Responses to Back to School with Organizher Review & Giveaway

  1. This is cool! I need this to get organized for school.

  2. Amber Conaway says:

    I write all my bills out for the month so I know what is due at a glance

  3. Kathy R. says:

    My husband pays bills every two weeks. Anything due within a week of the next period, gets paid. That way, nothing is ever late!

  4. Lydia says:

    Having a place for everything is my biggest issue – and tip!

  5. Katelyn Bellingham says:

    I love being able to keep all my important items in one place so they’re not all over!

  6. Lori P says:

    The Organizher expense tracker does all the work for me. I just moved to a new home and probably would have missed some mail and bills if not for my organizher.

  7. Wendy Vor says:

    I love Organizher products looking forward to new products all the time.

  8. Amber Conaway says:

    organize as you go. its a lot easier than organizing a big mess

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