Awesome Bathroom Design Tips For DIY Enthusiasts


It’s usually the men who enjoy spending their entire weekend hammering nails and cutting lengths of wood, but I feel us girls should become more involved with this kind of thing. After all, we’ve got equal rights now, we’ve got the vote, and so it’s about time we started sharing home DIY tasks too. It would be hypocritical for us to want fair rules across the board but then refuse to do the heavy lifting or get our hands dirty, don’t you think?

Anyway, here are some totally awesome bathroom design tips for female DIY enthusiasts. All of them are pretty simple, but they all provide excellent results, and so you should definitely attempt one or two at some point this year. Who knows, maybe there are a few men out there who could also learn from the ideas I’m about to present?

Consider Lighting Solutions
 The chances are; your bathroom will be one of the smallest areas in your home. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it means you’ll want to use the minimum amount of space possible for things like lighting. To achieve this, refrain from installing traditional hanging lights, and instead purchase and fit some spotlights. This will also make the room appear more luxurious to guests, especially if you don’t scrimp and opt for more expensive products.

Think About Flooring Materials
You have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring material for your bathroom, and the only one you should definitely avoid is carpet. If you’re on a tight budget, try to find some stylish lino, but if money is no object, you can get some amazing slate tiles for this room. Slate is beneficial because it look really cool, but also absorbs heat pretty well. So, you shouldn’t get cold feet when walking around half naked.

Replace Your Bath With A Shower
This only applied to people with very small bathrooms, as it could give you lots more space. Of course, you should probably call in the professionals to deal with a job like this, but if you do decide to have a go without their help, make sure you have the Action Services Plumbing phone number ready. If you hit a pipe, it’s only 24 hour call out services like this that will stop your entire home from flooding.

Add Numerous Mirrors 
Finally, just to add that extra spacious aesthetic you’re probably looking for, it’s wise to install a couple of flat wall mirrors in your bathroom. This technique has been used to open spaces up since ancient Egyptian times, so you can pretty much guarantee it works well. Also, purchasing and installing some heated towel rails will mean you always keep the place looking clean and tidy.


At the end of the day, all other elements of your bathroom design will come down to your own personal tastes, and so there’s no point in me advising you any further. Just try to ensure the room is free of clutter, and you’re half way there.

Have fun!

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