Are You Considering a Career in Social Work? Check Out Your Options

Are you considering a career in social work? There are many different avenues to pursue, and each one comes with its own benefits to the community. Here are just five career paths for social workers that can really make a difference.

1: Healthcare

Social workers in the healthcare industry are employed in a variety of facilities, including hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers. They might handle everything from grief counseling to paperwork administration. If you have strong interpersonal skills and a loving heart for those in need, public health might be your calling.

2: Community Organization

It takes a village. If you’re looking to stimulate the emotional and economic growth of your community, becoming a social worker in community organization can give you the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. You can even take these skills abroad if you’re a fan of travel and international spirit.

3: Mental Health

Social workers that specialize in mental health have made a commitment to helping people on an individual basis. They might work as therapists, mediators or crisis counselors in places like schools, hospitals and psychiatric facilities. As long as you have an open mind, you’ll find mental health work both challenging and diverse.

4: Substance Abuse

As one of the more demanding fields of social work, the treatment of substance abuse requires patience, compassion and understanding. If you have what it takes to navigate the waters of addiction, however, you can save countless lives from despair by helping them through the lowest points in their lives. This will then help the community by empowering its citizens to live safe and productive lives.

5: Social Change

Are you looking to make a difference on a global scale? Consider a career in social change. All it takes is a master’s degree from somewhere like Case Western University, and you’ll be well on your way to fighting poverty, oppression and human rights violations all around the world.

These are just five ways to change your community and the world through social work. If you’re ready to embark on a meaningful and satisfying career, look no further than a job that allows you to help humanity one person at a time.

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