America’s Best Brunch Spots

Brunch is the reward for a week of hard work, it is a time to relax and unwind and enjoy a long drawn out breakfast affair with no rush to be anywhere soon. Indulgent meals enjoyed alongside good company, the brunch is one of America’s favorite dining experiences and with good reason.

Nothing stirs the soul like a well made brunch and to offer the best dining experience a top brunch spot is looking to deliver some of the most classic, comforting dishes and serve them up in a great atmosphere. Here we take a look at some of the best brunch spots America has to offer.

Locanda Verde – New York City

Locanda Verde is located in Tribeca’s Greenwich Hotel and offers a casual, energetic and affordable Italian brunch experience. Think exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus and studded leather bar seats. Grab a spot in the cafe to enjoy a great cup of cappuccino and indulge in one of New York City’s best brunch experiences. Star chef Andrew Carmellini serves an inspired menu which keeps the locals coming back for more. Expect to find plates stacked full of polenta waffles, mascarpone cheese, zucchini frittatas with roasted tomato and a wide selection of delicious pastries. The signature dish here is Locanda’s ricotta cheese paired with truffle honey and a burnt orange toast.

Location: 377 Greenwich Street, NYC.

Magnolia Pancake Haus – San Antonio

The Magnolia Pancake Haus is a Texas crowd pleaser and claims to serve the world’s best buttermilk pancakes. Husband and wife owners Robert and Sheila Fleming (from Munich, Germany) say that their success is in using the best ingredients with no substitutes and a few secret recipes handed down from Sheila’s grandmother. With years of restaurant know-how, this unbeatable team now churns out some delicious dishes from Germany and the States. Magnolia’s standout dish however has to be their wonderful Bavarian puffed pancake made with the best Granny Smith apples and lavishly topped with whipped cream.

Location: 606 Embassy Oak, Suite 100, San Antonio

Soho South Cafe, Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city known for its antebellum mansions and according to Areavibes it’s a great place to live. Those who are lucky enough to live near the Soho cafe however, are probably well aware of this quirky delight. The Soho South Cafe offers a big helping of southern charm along with a unique breakfast dining experience. This kitschy restaurant come art gallery was formerly a mechanic’s garage and now features quirky props such as pianos, indoor umbrellas, a random mix of seating and tables and a range of local art. Chef and owner Bonnie retsas has created the restaurant of her dreams and serves up a range of affordable and delicious dishes in this casual neighborhood joint. Diners can enjoy dishes such as shrimp and grits with sausage gravy and cheddar bacon waffles or go for the standout dish – Eggs Savannah which comprises of a jumbo lump crab cake topped off with asparagus, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Now open for dinner too!

Location: 12 West Liberty Street, Savannah.

Tremont 647, Boston

Located in Boston’s South End, the super popular Tremont 647 offers an ever changing menu which is dictated by the seasons. A range of dishes are served up by Chef Andy Husband in this stylish restaurant. Dishes are big here with favorites such as crispy prosciutto Benedict with rosemary potato cake and a green bean and candied nut salad or try the half pound grass-fed burger which you can double if you’re super hungry. Be sure to make a reservation in advance or expect a long, hungry wait for a table.

Location: 647 Tremont Street, Boston.

Have you enjoyed an amazing brunch lately? If so tell us where and all about it in the comments box below.

David Wilson is a writer finding the best places to live across the United States.

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