Join Planet Fitness on April 4 – 1 day, $1 down, $10 a month, no commitment

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I remember the first time I stepped into a gym – I didn’t make it past the locker room full of fit women in their sports bras and workout pants that hugged their perfect curves, with their matching shoes and perfect hair – watching me with my oversize t-shirt that I borrowed from my husband, since after having my daughter none of my normal clothes fit.

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It took me quite a few years to brave the doors of a gym again – but I found a Judgement Free Zone® at Planet Fitness. At Planet Fitness there aren’t fitness fanatics and body builders – there are everyday people, like you and me, who want a ‘judgement free’ zone to be able to get a distraction-free work out in.

Being a busy working Mom, I need a gym that can fit into my schedule – our local club, like many other Planet Fitness locations, is open and staffed 24/7. (Which really helps with my late night workouts!) With treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight machines and even two circuits that help you get a full strength and cardio workout in 12 to 30 minutes, Planet Fitness has something for everyone.


The PF Black Card® membership for $19.99 a month includes additional amenities such as the ability to bring a guest every day at no additional charge, access to all 1,000+ Planet Fitness locations, use of massage chairs and beds, and more.  The membership comes with unlimited fitness training, spacious locker rooms, and friendly staff – something you won’t get at other gyms.


Planet Fitness provides all its members with an opportunity to connect and support each other with the “Planet of Triumphs” an online community that celebrates all accomplishments, and inspirational stories of Planet Fitness members. Join the Judgement Free Zone and share your triumphs both big and small, encourage each other and realize that YOU BELONG at,

So come join me in the place where everyone belongs, and join Planet Fitness on April 4. They’re having a “1 day, $1 sale” where anyone can join that day for just $1 down and then $10 a month for the standard membership with no commitment. Or if you prefer the PF Black Card, you can take advantage of that membership and its additional perks for $1 down and then $19.99 per month.


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  1. Thank you for this Krissy! My daughter and I are looking for a gym and a Planet Fitness just opened up in our area. We have been on the fence about joining. We are both chunky and I have been really worried about exercising in front of people. But with a judgement free zone I think we would enjoy it. I love the tread mill but they are so expensive. It would be nice to be able to use one 🙂 Thank you again!

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