7 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Porsche

We all know the Porsche name to be synonymous with luxury, with the sleek body, powerful engine and high performance, but most of us don’t know much else about the Porsche brand. As I started researching some different models to write about, I realized there was a lot about Porsche that was pretty fascinating that I had to share!

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Porsche race cars have won roughly 28,000 races across the globe.
For 50 years, Porsche vehicles have achieved more than 28,000 victories in different categories of speed racing. NO ONE has been able to top that!

Porsches can survive it all – well a lot more than other vehicles.
Two-thirds of all produced Porsche cars have survived to this day. And even more impressive is that almost all of them are still operational…talk about quality!

Porsches Creator Ferdinand was Like a Genius.
From the early childhood, it was obvious that young Ferdinand was technically inclined. Every citizen of Mafersdorf witnessed his talent when he built his first energy generator at the age of 15. At that day and age, the electric bulb was the most advanced piece of tech ordinary person could hope to find. Apparently, before Ferdinand had built his custom generator, only the city mayor had electricity in his house.

Porsche designed tractors.
Porsche has a more fascinating tractor history than even Lamborghini. They even made a gasoline-powered tractor specifically for coffee farmers, so diesel fumes wouldn’t impact the flavor. (they just think of everything!)

Porsche invented the VW Beetle.
In 1934, Porsche received an order from the German government to develop a simple and affordable car which could be easily mass-produced. Just a year later, Porsche introduced the first prototype of “People’s Car” (German: Volkswagen), which later became world-famous under the name of VW Beetle.

Porsche designed a GRILL.

Harley Davidson loves Porsche too.
The Harley V-Rod features an advanced 60 degree double overhead cam engine that was developed specially for Harley’s racing divison..of course, by Porsche.

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