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If you are like me you come up with any reason to give your kids gifts – The joy on their faces make my day, so they get something special for good grades, for losing teeth, and of course for nearly every holiday (I have yet to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with gifts, but my son is part Irish, so maybe that’s a good reason to celebrate).

After a snowy, boring month of January after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I am ready to get creative again with my gift-giving skills. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and then closely following is Easter. These are the two most fun gift giving holidays for me (besides Christmas of course) and I despise the idea that these holidays have to be filled with lots and lots of candy. Now don’t get me wrong – my kids get their favorite candy added to their Easter baskets – but in moderation. I don’t pile it full where they are laying on the couch strung out on sugar the next day. I give them awesome gifts they can use every day that doesn’t make them sick! Where toys are great, we have plenty of those floating around my house (especially after Christmas with the whole family) so I decided to get a bit more creative this year.. and that’s when I ran across

Now my kids love to draw and write and will write you a note for any reason – like even when you are hiding out in the bathroom needing a break (I can’t tell you how many notes have been slipped under that door!) they write thank you notes, and I’m sorry notes (I have to say I really love these), and just notes to their friends, so pretty much I have notepads everywhere. So why wouldn’t the kids love their own personalized stationary??


Now my oldest is an artist at heart – and a book lover (with literally two entire book shelves in her room overflowing with both, she will probably need another soon!) so when I was looking at customizing a cute basket for a gift, and I found this adorable book theme, I had to go all out with the notebook, stationary, personalized stickers and thank you cards. I’m going to throw in a bookmark I picked up on Etsy, and this will probably be one of her favorite gifts ever. (I may have to pick up some cute pens while I’m at it).

Now my son loves only about 3 things in his life right now (besides his mama of course) and that’s LEGO, video games, and baseball. I love baseball myself, and I have enjoyed teaching him, and watching him grow as a player (it makes my heart burst a bit) so of course out of his three loves, I favor one. So his gift theme was baseball – I really wanted to order like every single piece of baseball everything, but some of us do have a budget =)


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