Keeping Healthy Eyes in a Digital World

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Essilor.

I’m not quite sure what we did before computers, smartphones and instant access to pretty much everything. . I mean, I grew up in the era where there was one computer for the entire school, and there was one computer in every household (if you were lucky). We played games like Oregon Trail and we waited patiently to connect to the internet to check our AOL or juno email accounts. There wasn’t Facebook, or google, or endless hours of funny kitten videos to watch on YouTube. We watched a few hours of T.V. a week and that was the extent of our screen time. Even then we were warned to not sit too close and avoid watching T.V. in the dark so we wouldn’t damage our eyes.

Now almost every waking moment is spent looking at some screen – our smartphones, our computers at work, our laptops at home, our TV’s, our iPads, tablets and even reading is now mostly digital. It’s no wonder that headaches, eye fatigue, dry eyes, neck pain, sore eyes are more prominent than ever.


The good thing is, there’s no need to panic or cut out electronics from your life – with Eyezen glasses. They are crafted to screen out harmful blue light from screens and eliminate digital eye strain. It allows the beneficial blue light to pass through – it also reduces glare, improve contrast and contribute to the prevention of premature aging of the eyes. Eyezen lenses are designed for our modern digital device world.

Even if you don’t have a need for prescription glasses, Eyezen glasses are available to everyone to help reduce eye strain and make sure you get the most of your screen time without the negative effects.


At my daughter’s school they use computers, laptops or tablets in nearly every class. Add that to homework time (research and paper writing online) along with relaxing watching Netflix, watching videos on YouTube, or scrolling through Pinterest, she spends a lot of hours online. Previously she’s complained of headaches, dry eyes (the girl blinked more than anyone I had ever met) and overall eye strain. Since her new Eyezen glasses, the only headaches she’s complained about is her homework assignments!

Essilor is the world’s leading designer of eyeglass lenses, and they are committed to research and development in every Eyezen lens. Eyezen glasses are currently available through your Eyecare Professional (Eye Doctor). Visit for more information and find an Eyecare Professional in your area.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Essilor . The opinions and text are all mine.

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