Top Tips for Being Camera-Ready All the Time

There are some things you can’t control when it comes to the photographs your in (or who sees them). Your friends post a selfie where they look the best, even if you might have your eyes crossed and food stuck in your teeth; maybe your hair was blowing in the wind, or you were rolling your eyes at their constant use of their selfie stick.

Either way being prepared and knowing what to do to always have a great looking photograph will not only help you keeps your friends, but you won’t have to worry about untagging yourself in all those not-so-flattering Facebook & Instagram post. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be sharing them yourself!

Posture Makes Perfect. Your Mother didn’t tell you to sit up straight for her benefit (Ok maybe kinda) making sure you don’t slouch and you keep your shoulders back gives you a classy look – no slobs here. Be sure to longate your neck, and tilt your chin just a little bit. Make sure the camera is above you and if you are doing a body-shot be sure to turn slightly and put your weight towards your back leg.

Lighting. Do your best to not take photos in direct sunlight or a flash too close to your face. You know how they say “all things will come to light” there’s a reason for that – the bright light will show every single thing about your face – every blemish you try to hide, every wrinkle you try to conceal. Not even the best make-up artist can put enough make-up on to hide these things if you are is direct bright light. Move into a shadow, soft light is more flattering for everyone. 

Make Up in a Pinch (literally). If you didn’t have time to put on make-up, or maybe your selfie-ing it up after a 5k, pinch those cheeks and give yourself some color. The washed out look is so not in (I don’t care what the magazines tell you). If you don’t have time to throw on some lip gloss a quick lick will suffice (though I don’t recommend it often, since licking your lips on the regular can actually cause dry lips). Squint your eyes a few times to make sure they are moist, and brush your eyelashes with your fingertips (checking for any eye-funk while your at it). Though it might not be a you-tube tutorial for a 30 minute make-up session, you’ll be grateful you took time to do these few things.

Smile. This is a 2 in 1 tip. So bear with me – first off I’m not sure why so many people have a problem smiling for a photo. With my Dad being a photographer I was a pro at the smile-rest-smile-rest face. I literally was on rest face all through 1-2 and… and the smile would appear on 3. If you try and smile the entire time you’re gonna end up making some kind of god awful face, maybe even a little Elvis Presley lip curl. Practice with me rest face- rest-face and SMILE. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for years and it works.

The second part that comes along with the the big bright smile is well, making sure it’s bright. Nothing is more unflattering than a big smile of some yellow teeth. Most of you know I am super anal about making sure my teeth are bright and white all the time. Though with the holidays I might of gotten a bit lax on my teeth whitening (the cold and snow, the lack of socialization, and of course the numerous cups of coffee) made my teeth well, not quite as pearly white as before.



SO I decided to get back with the program – I was getting a bit in a funk so I knew I needed to get back to my routine. Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips is what I always use to make sure my smile is always the brightest and best it can be. There is something about knowing you have a mouthful of beautiful teeth that makes you want to smile even more – and people notice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients compliment me on my smile and ask me how I get my teeth so white.

BlackbirdThough it had only been a few months since I last used my whitestrips, it still made a noticeable difference to me, and those around me when I started using them again. For less than an hour a day, for two weeks you can have a whiter, brighter smile that everyone will be asking you about.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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