6 Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Most of you know that our family is doing our  best to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to eating healthier, exercising, and other healthy habits we are also doing our best to use alternative health procedures as well. We’ve started with essential oils to calm the nerves, rid colds, and give us  overall better health, as well as chiropractic visits for the body and soul.
My family has been visiting our local chiropractor for the past 6  years and each time I visit I learn more and more. The practice of chiropractic care isn’t just for bones and muscles – it’s for your overall health.  There are many many additional benefits to visiting a chiropractor regularly to keep your body healthy and strong.


1. Better Sleep Chiropractic care has been proven to help both adults and children with sleep issues. Over 40 million Americans have some type of sleeping disorder, with most relying on prescription drugs to get sleep which can effect their everyday lives with issues driving, working, or experiencing mood swings. Chiropractic care is a natural way to help resolve sleeping disorders.

2. Be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY – Research shows that chiropractic care improves hormone imbalance. Decreasing the bad hormones, and increasing the good ones make a big difference in how the body works and how a person feels. Those suffering from anxiety and depression can have dramatic results.

3. Decrease in Ear Infections – I met our chiropractor a year after my oldest daughter got her first set of tubes in her ears. She had suffered from severe ear infections her whole life and he was appalled that her ENT specialist wanted to put her under and conduct another expensive, dangerous, unnecessary surgery. We began regular visits, and her ear infections have nearly went away altogether. Though there isn’t a ton of research on the subject, these methods so far prove to be effective.

4. Fewer Colds & Flu’s – Research has shown that those who have regular chiropractic visit have a 200% stronger immune system than people who don’t. Enough said right? If you’ve been exposed to the flu this year , you know that alone is reason enough to set up your first visit!

5. Have More ENERGY – I can tell you this as a testimony myself, that keeping up with my regular visits nearly guarantees that you’ll have more energy. If you don’t believe me just google it. You’d be amazed at the testimonials you’ll read

5. Less Headaches – Headache relief is the one of the top reasons that people visit the chiropractor. Over 200 studies reference chiropractic’s ability to prevent and ease headaches and migraines.

6. Improved Athletic Performance – Did you know Joe Montana had regular chiropractic care? Or that more than 50% of NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff? Studies have shown that chiropractic care does enhance or assist in athletic performance. It’s proven to reduce inflammation in muscles and tissues, boost immune systems, decrease stress, and enhance pulmonary function. Read more about how it can help your athletic performance on Nashville’s Spine and Sports webpage.


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