6 Discounts and Services Available to US Veterans

Many businesses and services honor our nation’s veterans by offering special discounts. Typically, it’s a certain percentage off an item or a service, but occasionally you even score an item or service or two for free. If you’re eligible for these amazing discounts, you might as well be aware of them so you can take your well-deserved advantage of them.

1.Movie Theater Discounts

If you and your family love spending time together at a movie night out, AMC will offer at least 10% off your movie ticket price. When you’re purchasing your tickets at the box office, just show the cashier your military ID and they’ll apply the discount.
Keep in mind that these discounts usually only apply to the box office and not online sales. You can still apply your discount to show times for a future date, you just have to go to the theater and purchase your tickets ahead of time at the box office.

2. Complimentary Flight Upgrades
There are a number of airlines that offer veterans a percentage off their flight purchases. One stand-out flight discount program for veterans is Expedia. If you travel frequently and don’t always travel on the same airline, Expedia Travel has the perfect discount for you.
When you sign up for Expedia’s Rewards Program, veterans are automatically upgraded to Expedia’s “gold+” status, which will give you an additional 10% off all hotel bookings. Veterans will also receive complimentary room upgrades when available, as well as exclusive amenities at over two-thousand hotels. As part of your complimentary gold+ rewards status, veterans will also receive 30% more bonus points for all hotel, flight, and rental car bookings purchased through Expedia and 24/7 customer service.
3. Free Entrance into National Parks
Perfect for anyone who loves to travel and be surrounded by nature, the National Park Service offers a free annual pass to all the National Parks to veterans. To receive your free annual pass, you can look up your nearby federal recreation location. Simply bring along your Military ID to obtain your pass and then head out to the National Park you’ve always wanted to visit.
4. Discounted Family Cell Phone Plans
Looking for a new cell phone plan either for yourself or your entire family? To show their appreciation for veterans, T-Mobile offers 20% off all single lines and 50% off of all family plans. The cell phone plan includes unlimited calls, texts, and data. You can even travel abroad and your calls and texts to contact family and friends are included in your phone plan. The best part of the plan is that it comes with a complimentary Netflix membership for you and your family to enjoy.
5. Free Property Restoration Services
If you’re located anywhere in Florida, All Dry USA will provide free water extraction for veterans. Anyone who has lived in Florida knows that the nickname “sunshine state,” can be a bit of an exaggeration during the summer months. While the afternoon storms and rain cool off the hot summer Florida days, it can also cause a lot of issues.
With Florida’s flat land, flooding is a possibility even in minor storms since there isn’t anywhere for the water to go. If your home or business is damaged by flood water, All Dry USA will remove the water for free if you’re veteran.
6. Discounted and Free Theme Park Tickets
Many theme parks offer discounts for veterans and their entire families. A few theme parks that offer these discounts include Hershey Park, King’s Dominion, Disney World, Disney Land, Cedar Point, Universal, and Carowinds.
While all of these discounts are amazing and save money on your family vacation, SeaWorld offers free admission into their Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego parks to all veterans and their immediate family members. Many of these theme parks also provide discounts at their hotels, merchandise centers, and restaurants on property.
These types of discounts are the least that American businesses can do to thank those who serve our country. If you’re a veteran, you’ve more than earned each and every one.

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