5 Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a small space can be frustrating at times, especially when you are so limited that you feel you cannot move around in your own home. While small spaces do create many challenges, there are storage ideas available that can help you make the most of the space too. Below, we will talk about some of those unique ideas to help you start thinking about changes you can implement now.

Create a Wall Shelf

If you have extra books that you want to store and keep, why not keep them on the wall? You have two cool options when it comes to these wall books shelves. First, you can take a wooden crate and cut it in half to create a shelf for your books or, secondly, you can use a metal basket to store your books in. Sounds neat, right?

Use the Space Under Your Bed

There is a lot of unused space under your bed and this space can be used for storage. Depending on how much space you have, you may be able to fit totes under the bed or you may be able to fit rolling shelves underneath.

If you find that your space is truly limited, why not upgrade to a platform bed? This will allow you to store items under the bed without them being on the floor under the bed. You can read more storage tips here.

Get a Grip on Your Towels

Towels are often in the way in the bathroom and if you do not have a towel bar installed on the wall, consider installing one or placing one under a shelf on the bathroom wall. This will allow you to hang towels and have them ready for guests in an instant. (The towels will be out of the way too.)

Ditch the Legs on Your Nightstand

Sounds odd but interesting, right? A floating nightstand is the perfect way to free up space while utilizing the space you do have. You can purchase a floating nightstand, or you can make one for yourself.

You can utilize the space on the floor for your laundry basket or a basket to keep your blankets in. If you really want to free up some space, consider a lamp that mounts on the wall as opposed to sitting on the nightstand itself.

Always Know Where the Electronics Are

We all have multiple remotes, a TV guide, a good book, and some batteries near the couch. These are useful items, but when they are spread out everywhere, they can cause your home to look messy. An electronic or remote caddy/organizer is a wonderful way to keep these items out of sight but easy to reach. You can choose from fabric organizers or wooden caddies.

Small Space Does Not Spell Messy Space

You can stay organized in your small space with the unique storage ideas above. Each one will help you maximize your space while keeping your items in place and out of the way. What are some unique storage ideas you use in your small space?

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