5 Tips For Expanding Your Horizons As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it never feels like there’s enough time for anything. Yes, with everything feeling as though it was due yesterday, taking the time to learn and appreciate new things always seems out of reach. However, not only will these practices make you happier, but also a better business owner.

No matter how busy you are, take a second to consider a few of these helpful tips to start implementing into your schedule to boost your outlook, as well as your productivity. While that might sound counterintuitive, it’s actually one secret to getting more out of each day. Check them out below:


Develop A New Talent Outside Of Work

If you’re somebody that’s found themselves dragging at work and can’t quite muster up the creative juices to get going, then developing a new talent is one strategy that might help. Whether it be learning the piano or picking up cooking dinner again, bringing a new skill into your life is an activity that not only will train yourself to start thinking about things differently but give you something to look forward to at the end of the day. Believe it or not, little commitments like that can make a big difference both with how you spend your time, as well as investing in your happiness.

Make a list of all the activities you keep telling yourself that you’d like to start but never do. See which ones might be attainable to throw in your schedule and dedicate a solid chunk to it. Even if it’s just learning a new language for 30 minutes a day, that objective will give you something to break from and think about during your day, alleviating the stress of constantly worrying about the things you can’t control. The overarching goal here is to give your brain an exercise that both challenges you while giving you a mental break, which no matter your choice, should be something that excites you.


Read Up On Strategy

As an entrepreneur, your goal should always be to absorb as much as you can. After all, there are no hard or set rules to being successful, which is why educating yourself is so imperative. No matter if it’s on social media, fundraising, or even leadership, taking in a vast number of perspectives and methodologies is essential to keeping your business going.

Start digging through some of the magazines and other resources you use to pick up on the type of articles you like to read, as well as if you have any favorite authors. Additionally, checking out things like marketing guides or case studies is also a great habit, as these are going to tell you specifically what’s been useful for others and what hasn’t. Granted, with so much content out there, it’s hard to decipher what’s quality material and what’s not; however, once you get the hang of things, it’ll be smooth sailing from there on.


Diversify Your Offerings

A common mistake many entrepreneurs make is that they keep trying to push the same product six different ways without ever realizing that maybe it’s not their strongest offering. And whether you’re a camping store that hasn’t considered the best tactical flashlight or a kitchen supply company that might see a boost from selling non-slip shoes, check around your inventory to see what niche item you could include. Because while it might sound somewhat silly, you’d be surprised at what people are looking for that’s an underserved market, making it a space where you could thrive.


Get Active

I’m willing to bet if you surveyed every successful entrepreneur and asked them what their secret to a good day is, the majority of them would probably include exercise. Not only is working out great for our bodies but our minds as well, proving to reduce stress and anxiety. Furthermore, in a study conducted by Stanford University on the benefits of exercise on our cognitive abilities, it was concluded that exercise results in an increased ability to remember and pay attention. And although many of us loathe going to the gym, it’s actually much easier to be active than just simply pumping iron or running.

Find an activity that both fits your schedule and is something you want to do regularly. Even just joining an adult sports league could be a good option to ease into things, as well as make some new friends. If you find yourself not having the time for that, then working out at home or in the office for short five to ten-minute stretches of pushups or yoga could make a world of difference. Remember, this is supposed to be something enjoyable to you, so make it worth the time you dedicate.


Keep Up With New Technologies

Finally, as your business is out to solve a problem in the world, keeping up with what’s going on with the latest and greatest is key to how your firm should respond. For example, according to Gartner, by 2020 85 percent of customer interactions won’t involve a human, which is good to consider when thinking about how AI is going to impact your business. While it’s nothing to immediately stress over, keeping the newest happenings in the back of your mind will be advantageous to stay competitive.

What are some exercises you perform to avoid staying stagnant?

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