5 Clever Renovating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be a real pain in the neck. In fact, most people would simply like to tear everything down and recreate this room from scratch.

If you are thinking about renovating your small bathroom, we got a few tricks that can help you!


  1. Planning your space

Truth be told, best option for a small bathroom is to make it bigger. Obvious, right? However, this is usually very time consuming and expensive. You have to tear down the walls and redo everything. People who live in a small house do not even have this luxury as it reduces available space in the other rooms. Nevertheless, you might consider it as an option. Another nifty trick during planning phase is to add windows. What do windows do, you might ask? Even though they do not increase available space within the room, they will definitely make your room less claustrophobic. As you well know, there are two major issues with small bathrooms: lack of functionality and lack of esthetics. This will definitely help with the esthetic part making you feel more comfortable.

  1. Planning the design

There is a good reason why interior designers are paid so much. The way we feel in our home is closely connected to design. If the rooms look nice, we will feel good and vice versa. That being said, design that suits your character and preferences can go a long way. Majority of it comes down to picking the proper tiles. Also, you might consider painting your walls. When it comes to bathrooms, it is much better to pick lighter colors. They create feeling of spaciousness. Previously mentioned windows can also help you with this.

  1. Remove the clutter

The biggest issue with small bathroom is our perception of it. We think that this space should serve both for personal hygiene, cosmetics and drugs. Due to this, you will end up with an enormous clutter within a room that was small as it is. Minimize the amount of items (equipment) that goes into this room. Even some stuff that is traditionally meant to be in a bathroom, such as additional towels and hygiene products, should be removed and placed somewhere else. This is not a storage room!

  1. Utilizing available space

After removing the excessive items, you will have much more room to work with. That is great! Now, the next step is to optimize available space even further. Again, you will have to be creative. Always remember that every corner of the bathroom can be used for something. Some creative ideas include shelves that are positioned above your head, towel holders that are hanging from the ceiling as well as utilization of every corner. Whatever helps.

  1. Holes in the walls

Although very unorthodox, this is a solution which you have to consider. As we mentioned, tearing down the walls may not be the ideal solution. But, there is an alternative. You can drill holes in the walls. Naturally, it all depends on thickness of your walls. This is not something you will be able to do in every home. However, if the opportunity does exist, you should definitely consider it. This will give the necessary space where you can place your bathroom necessities. Just make sure to isolate the area as thin walls may come back to bite you if you do not plan carefully.


Renovating a small bathroom comes down to creativity. You also need to know you home, your walls and things that can or cannot be done. No matter what you do, make sure to consult with a contractor before you start renovation.

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