4 Healthy Habits for Stay at Home Moms

When you have children, you may often feel like the world is not your “oyster” anymore. Now, you have a different purpose – you have to do your best to take care of those who depend on you.

This statement is especially true for mothers who have decided to devote their lives to taking care of their children. They are the modern heroes and the women who are often disregarded when talking about career choices.

Nevertheless, if you or your partner is a stay at home mom, there are ways you can preserve your health and happiness. Here are four habits you can adopt to live a fulfilled, stress-free, healthy life.

1. Get an early start

You might feel like you need those five extra minutes in bed. However, most of the time, hitting the snooze button is actually making you more tired than you were.

Therefore, to make your life a bit easier, try to train yourself to wake up early in the morning before your children. Not only will you be able to finish your errands in peace, but you will also feel better in the long run.

Rising early in the morning is good for the whole body, but it’s especially beneficial to the brain. People tend to think more clearly in the morning, and that sort of clear thinking is valuable once you decide to have children.

2. Exercise

Even stay at home moms need to exercise now and then, and it doesn’t always have to be about their appearance. Exercise is extremely healthy and beneficial by itself – and there’s no reason to avoid it.

Even if you have five minutes, it’s best to use those minutes to your advantage. You can do some squats and tighten up your legs. Or, you can even take a brisk walk around your garden. Whatever you prefer, it’s vital not to underestimate exercise and do it only when you’re trying to lose weight.

Furthermore, regular exercise will allow you to take better care of your children. And, who knows? There is a high chance that they will notice you while exercising and decide to join in. That will help you in the future, as your children might be more inclined to do sports and eat healthy food.

3. Have fun

Now, having fun doesn’t have to be limited to only playing with your children. Once they are in bed, you can have some time for yourself and indulge in games and movies you’ve wanted to check out.

Netflix is always a good idea, and there’s bound to be a TV show or a movie you can binge-watch between driving kids to school and feeding them.

However, if you’re not interested in new movies or TV shows, then you can always opt for games. Specifically, online games have proven to be a great way to kill time and satisfy your need for fun.

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4. Stick to a routine

When it comes to children, it’s vital to nurture a specific routine. Having a routine might sound dull to you, but it has many benefits.

A routine will give you enough time during the day to complete all your errands and care for your children. However, it will also give you enough time to catch your breath and devote a few minutes to yourself.

Unfortunately, without a routine, it’s often difficult to find the time to put on makeup or read that book you’ve been saving for a while.

Also, maybe you have a hobby that you would love to explore a bit more. Well, a routine will give you just that. You can always create a schedule that will work for both you and your children – and you can intentionally leave an hour or two for hobbies. That way, when the children are sleeping, you can paint, draw, learn graphic design, even create funny videos – practically anything.

In conclusion

A stay at home mom’s job is never over, and her work hours are not that flexible. Still, by implementing a few healthy habits, you or your partner can become the stay at home mom who will have enough time for everything, without feeling that you are robbing your children of your presence.




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