4 Gadgets To Get If You’re Trying To Lose Some Weight

Whether you have quite a bit of a tummy tyre to lose or you’re just trying to get rid of the last 5 kilos, losing at least a bit of weight is a priority for most people. However, succeeding at our weight loss goals is much more difficult than setting them! With some helpful gadgets at home however, you can set some goals you can really achieve, and get to your goal weight in less time.


Skipping rope


A skipping rope is an amazing, yet underrated gadget to help with weight loss. While most of us haven’t played with a skipping rope since childhood, skipping provides an excellent cardiovascular workout that can be used pretty much anytime and anywhere. A skipping rope helps to get your blood pumping and heart racing in a short time, meaning you reach a heart rate where your body is burning fat and calories quickly. In fact skipping can burn up to a massive 1300 calories an hour, whereas slow walking burns just 300 calories an hour!


A skipping rope is also a great tool to practise high intensity interval workouts, where you work very hard for anywhere from 10 second to one minute, then take a short rest, and repeat the procedure. This style of exercise has been shown to more effectively burn fat and calories and strengthen muscles than continuous cardiovascular exercise like walking. And with skipping ropes being dirt cheap, there’s no excuse not to use this awesome fat burning exercise gadget to lose weight!


A treadmill


Owning your own home treadmill is the ultimate tool to help you build fitness, lose weight and keep it off. Everyone dreams of having their own exercise equipment at home to work out on their own time and terms, in the privacy and convenience of their own home. Although many people feel that buying a home treadmill is perhaps too expensive or bulky for their home, the reality is that there are a fantastic range of treadmills on the market today to suit any budget or any sized home. With highly rated budget models starting at just US$200, that have a range of amazing features and even fold away for storage, you shouldn’t look past this excellent option to lose weight at home.


A treadmill is a highly effective workout gadget that allows you to walk, jog or run in your own home, away from crowds at the gym, and no matter what the weather. Using a treadmill means your joints are more supported by the specially engineered running surface, unlike the surface of the road or pavement. This means your joints are more protected while you workout and lose weight. With versatile functions and features that make it appealing for everyone to work out, a home treadmill is the perfect choice of a gadget to help you lose weight.


A workout DVD


If aerobics, dance, or circuit training are your favourite work out styles, or you love the motivation and inspiration an exercise instructor can provide, then check out some of the incredible workout DVD’s on offer. With a huge range of different programs and styles, at many different skill levels to suit all users, you can find something you will love, to help you lose weight and maintain motivation over the long term.


Ensure you have enough space in your TV room and your doctor gives you the go ahead to start a home work out program, because many of these programs really give you a fantastic workout and are not for the faint of heart! Workout DVD’s are generally inexpensive, although some may require the purchase of other inexpensive equipment, like small dumbbells or resistance bands. A good DVD can provide an awesome fun workout in the comfort of your own home – something everyone will love!


A rowing machine


A rowing machine is a fantastic gadget to help lose weight at home, providing an intense total body workout that burns fat and calories, and strengthens muscles considerably, helping you to lose weight and tone your body fast. Rowing machines have the added benefit of putting no strain on your lower back and joints, unlike some other forms of cardiovascular exercise.
Rowing can burn up to 750 calories an hour, an incredible fat burning workout. Providing all the other benefits of an effective cardiovascular workout, such as improved endurance, increased muscle strength, better moods and stress relief, rowing is a great exercise for an extremely effective work out that is still gentle on the joints and back.

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