3 Reasons to Bring Your Own Lunch to Work

3 Reasons to Bring Your Own Lunch to Work


One of the easiest yet most effective ways to save money and improve your diet is by packing your own lunch for work, rather than eating out. This can seem like a simple solution, but it is much easier said than done; many people struggle to pack their lunch in advance due to a lack of time or simply because they aren’t sure what to pack. Meal prep services like Lean Kitchen can provide the means to make healthy meals for the entire week quickly and easily. There are also endless ideas for easy, at-work lunches available online. Plus, leftovers from meals you are already making for yourself or for your family make great lunches the following day as well.

Aside from the financial benefits, here are 3 reasons why you should start packing your own lunch for work.



Portion Control

Bringing your own lunch from home is a crucial concept for anyone who is currently on a special or restrictive diet for weight loss or health purposes. When you pack your lunch in advance, you can plan what you are going to eat which can help you achieve your dietary goals. When you don’t bring a meal to the office and are left with no choice but to purchase one from a nearby restaurant or food delivery service, it is likely that you will choose a less healthy option, and will not have as strong of a sense of portion control. Packing your lunch at home lets you be the one in control of exactly what you are packing, and in what quantities.



Use Leftovers

One of the biggest benefits of packing your own lunch for the office is that doing so gives you the opportunity to reheat or reuse leftovers from last night’s dinner. If you live alone and find that you often cook more food per meal than you are able to eat at once, packing half of it for the next day is a great solution. Many people dine out or order takeout and find that they cannot finish their entire meal, but their leftovers go bad in the fridge as there is never a good time to eat them. If you find yourself in this situation, the solution is to pack your leftovers for lunch, as a way to enjoy a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant at the office the following day.



Save Time

The average lunch break for employees in the United States lasts just over 30 minutes. For the majority of people, this is simply not enough time to purchase food and have enough time to eat it. When you bring your own lunch and keep it handy in the office, there is no need for you to waste time driving, walking, or otherwise dealing with the hassle of getting lunch from an outside restaurant or vendor. Having your lunch ready for you at the office gives you more time to eat it!

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