The Many Uses for Baby Wipes that Have Nothing to do with Babies

I have to admit – my kids have been out of diapers for a lonnngg time. But I still buy wipes like they are going out of style. We don’t really call them baby wipes anymore, they are just wipes. Wipes have a TON of uses, more than just for babies bottoms. In fact when I think back, I was using wipes wayy before I had kids.

So for those of you unsure how there can be soo many uses for plain old baby wipes – here’s a list of what my house uses it for most.


toilet paper substitute. Did you know 57% of households have used wipes instead of toilet paper? I keep a pack of Huggies wipes on the back of the toilet, just in case! 

eye make-up remover. I have to say, I do this one quite a bit. After washing my face with my regular face-wash, I always take a wipe to collect the excess eye make-up that collects on my eyelids, or in the creases. It’s a great way to make sure you face is fresh and clean.

kitten cleaner. I love our kittens, don’t get me wrong. But they get stinky – and since it’s not really a smart move to bathe a kitten, we just use baby wipes. Not only does it get all the icky off, (including the kitten booty wiping) but it also collects stray hairs.  It does wonders with keeping cat dander at a low, even my sister who has allergies to cats can be in our house without a problem. We wipe them down a few times a week, and it works wonders. (that’s our crazy kitties below)

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dusting. Not all areas that need dusted in your home requires furniture polish. The easiest way to dust is with wipes – especially if you are cleaning off hard-to-reach places that you don’t touch every week. On top of the fridge, hard to reach shelves, picture frames, etc. The best part – throw them away when your done!


on-the-go messes. You will never find me away from my house without wipes. I keep some in the truck of my car, and I also keep them in my purse. There are wayy too many situations that could be a good cause to use them – and you know me, I always like to be prepared. You can buy the travel wipes to keep in your purse (since it’s smaller) or even put a dozen or so in a ziplock baggie (just be sure to check them every week or so, to make sure they’ve not dried out due to heat, etc). I cannot tell you how many times I’ve came to the rescue of others with the Huggies Wipes in my purse! 

hemorrhoid wipes. Especially useful for those who are pregnant, you can make your own hemorrhoid wipes with baby wipes. Purchase the Huggie Wipes with Aloe, and add witch hazel. It as simple as that.

Some other uses are:

cleaning marks such as pen, pencil or crayon off walls
wiping ‘stains’ off clothing in a pinch (including deodorant marks!)
wiping down tables, carts, changing tables, or toilet seats in public areas
clean hairspray off your counter, floor, or wood surfaces
cleaning toys
moisten envelopes
clean your phones,tablets, or PC’s screens
shine your shoes
wipe sand off your belongings (and yourself) after a day at the beach

What are some of your favorite non-traditional uses for baby wipes?




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  1. Randy says:

    I use them to wipe my face after shaving (a not so harsh aftershave for my sensitive skin) as well as before going to bed each night (gets all of the dirt that has accumulated during the day).

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