10 Best Hair Care Tips & Tricks

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Everyday I have to get up early, get 3 kids showered/dressed/brushed/fed, lunches packed, and out the door to the bus on time..and during this chaos I also have to make sure that I look presentable so that I can go to work and be productive. All while looking professional. My main focus every day is to make sure that my hair looks good – because when it look good, I feel good! So I decided to share a list of some of my favorite tips I’ve found to make sure I have a good hair day – every day.


1. Keep frizz at bay by using a paper towel to gently wring water from your hair after a shower. The paper towel causes less friction than a towel so your hair will end up less frizzy.  It also absorbs more water than a towel, so it takes less time to dry!

2. Keeping your hair rid of build up gives you a natural, clean head (easier to fix, and better to look at). Mix baking soda and water to create a paste and use it to wash your hair. Rinse it out with apple cider  vinegar and volia!

3. Straightening your hair can take a long time – but it can take even longer if you don’t have the temperature setting on your flat iron high enough. If you have to go over the same pieces multiple times it’s going to take more time (not to mention cause more damage). Make sure to turn up the heat (mid-high temps) so you can be more efficient.

4. If you desire to have great hair you not only have to take care of your strands, but your scalp as well. Even a clarifying shampoo won’t do the trick; to get rid of the dirt and grime use an astringent on your scalp. Apply once a week and shampoo as usual.

5. To keep your up-do going all day, spray a dry shampoo on a bobby pin before setting it. The spray’s powdery texture gives the pin extra grip which keeps it from sliding out.

6. Even with the most cautious of care sometimes baby hairs and cowlicks want to make a great hair day go bad. But there is a way to tame the beasts – spray a toothbrush with a strong hold hairspray, comb down the baby hairs & cowlicks and they will sit with the rest of the hair. Problem solved!

7. If you want to keep your highlights fresh in between colors, squeeze a lemon into a dish, dip a toothbrush into the jice and gently comb it through your hair. Sit in the sun for about 45 minutes. If you do this once every two weeks or so, the lemon juice will naturally lighten your hair.

8. Don’t smooth the roots of fine/thin hair while blow drying. It causes the hair to collapse and flatten. Be sure to tousle the hair from root to crown with your fingertips as you  blow dry. Give the roots an extra lift by combing back the undersides with a clean dry toothbrush. The soft bristles will grip the rough up strands just enough to maintain lift.

9. Static in your hair is even worse than static in your clothes! use a simple dryer sheet for both! With one sheet smooth it over your head from roots to end. You can even rub the dryer sheets on your  brushes and combs before using them to avoid static altogether.

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