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New Car Delivery: Shop Online, Delivered to Your Door

So I thought ordering my groceries online and having them delivered to my door was very ‘Jetson’ or ‘Back to the Future’ but hold the door – you can now shop online and have a NEW CAR delivered right to you! Dealerships like Reedman Toll are … Continue reading

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Why Leasing May Be a Smart Move for You

I have talked in the past about the pro’s and con’s about buying versus leasing. As a Mom of 3 who doesn’t even want to begin to imagine what is underneath my back seat leasing right now, is not for me. But … Continue reading

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Precautionary Action: A Guide To Family Health

The human body is a very delicate thing. Without the right care and attention, it’s easy for it to fall into disrepair, losing proper function and possibly ceasing to work altogether. Of course, this is very extreme, and it’s unlikely … Continue reading

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Hiking Fun in Yellow Springs

So anyone that follows me on social media knows that my family (like legit, mom, Dad, sister, kids, niece and nephew) all enjoy going hiking. We make it a family affair (including carrying the little one on our shoulders after … Continue reading

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Learning How To Cut Back On Your Spending

Cutting back’ is something that everyone dreads to hear. The thought of having to adjust your spending and make savings isn’t exactly fun. With life being as unpredictable as it is, however, making savings from time to time is a … Continue reading

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