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A Few Things About Me



I’m a fairly seasoned and passionate leader within the blogging community, and in the insurance industry. I have a proven track record for thinking outside of the box, and running successful campaigns. I’ve managed and motivated co-workers and bloggers alike, both as an insurance professional and a blogger entrepreneur.  I’ve built and managed this blog from the ground up, worn every hat on the rack, and faced obstacles with a smile on my face.

 I’ve worked with some pretty cool brands, including Reebok, Best Buy, Disney, NutriSystem, Oral-B, Olay, Oriental Trading, GNC, Tyson and many more.. Taking over the blogging world one company at a time!

I am currently an Office Manager at a local Allstate agency just north of Cincinnati, and spend my not-so-free time being a busy Mama running my kids to cheer, soccer, and girl scouts, and blogging about what every comes to mind..after all, It’s All In A Days Work!



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    Hello dear,
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  2. susan king says:

    I don’t know how you do it !! When do you find time for you? I’ve always had a lot of respect for women that can do it all !!

  3. TL Bell (Tammy) says:

    I try and visit your blog once a week, I love it ! Keep up the good work !

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