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Crazy Traffic Laws in the U.S.

You’ve heard of some of the outlandish crazy laws before -but did you know about the ones that apply to driving while traveling??

Did you know it’s illegal to drive in Massachusetts with a gorilla in the backseat of your car? It’s true. So if you plan on vacationing in Boston anytime soon think twice about giving Jane Goodall a ride.

Crazy driving laws aren’t restricted to Massachusetts. They abound across the country. To keep you aware, we at have organized a list of some of the most hare-brained laws you should be aware of before taking your next vacation or cross-country road trip.

This post is sponsored by East Hill Chevrolet Roslyn


Apparently ‘Bama is an acronym for Blunt All Motorist Adventures, for officials there have inexplicably made it illegal to drive while blindfolded.


Contrary to public opinion roof racks are not specifically designed for skis, snowboards and cocker spaniels. Or at least not in Alaska, where authorities have found it necessary to declare it illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car.


Think twice while in Arkansas if you harbor an unflagging passion for cold cut sandwiches and honking your car horn. Arkansas authorities have deemed it illegal to blare a car horn where ice cold beverages or sandwiches are served after 9 p.m.


No matter how luxuriously comfortable that divided highway may look, it is illegal in Eureka, California, to use a road as a bed.

In order to save money on having to crop dust their streets, officials in Chico, California, have made it illegal to plant rutabagas in roadways.

Officials in Glendale, California, no doubt, caved in to insurance lobbyists when they inexplicably decided to make it illegal to jump from a car at 65 mph.

Don’t expect to find any salt-rimmed curbs in Hermosa Beach, California. Officials there have made it illegal to spill your Margarita on any street.


No need to get your Lexus Sport Luxury Sedan painted blaze orange. Hunting from cars in Connecticut is illegal, even during deer season.


Going on an intuitive hunch that teeter-totters and cars don’t mix, officials in Dublin, Georgia, have made it illegal to drive through playgrounds.


Beware if you own a bicycle in Galesburg, Illinois. The police there have no tolerance for “fancy riding.”


Throw it and they (police) will come. In Mount Vernon, Iowa, it is illegal to throw your Red Ryder onto the highway.


In Derby, Kansas, it is considered a misdemeanor to screech your tires while driving. This abominable act can cost you 30 days in jail.

In Topeka, Kansas, it is unlawful to transport dead poultry along Kansas Avenue. Lesson: look elsewhere for a KFC.


Make sure your canine does not harbor a weird fetish for tailgate lights or trailer hitches while in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. You’ll be fined if your pet molests a vehicle.


Be careful about Jonesing for a Bavarian Cream while in South Berwick, Maine. You’ll be ticketed if you park in front of Dunkin Donuts.


Keep in mind while traveling through Rockville, Maryland, that the streets there are rated G. If you possess a PG-17 vocabulary, take the bypass. Swearing from a vehicle in Rockville is considered a misdemeanor.


Don’t offer Jane Goodall a ride. It’s illegal in Massachusetts to operate a car with a gorilla in the backseat.


In Minnetonka, Minnesota if you drive a truck that leaves mud, dirt or sticky substances on any road you will be considered a public nuisance that is harming the peace, safety and general welfare of the town.


If you are a horn-honking hooligan you better be carrying your vehicle’s bill of sale if you have the nerve to toot your horn while in University City, Missouri. Officials there have wisely made it illegal to honk the horn of someone else’s car.


To prevent any literal interpretation of Reno’s No Standing signs, authorities there have made it illegal to place a bench or chair in the middle of the road.

New Jersey

Don’t be feeling all fuzzy-warm about New Jersey residents if you’re driving through the state with a “Honk if You Love Whales” bumper sticker soldered to your vehicle’s trunk.

New Jersey residents are required by law to honk before passing.

Arbor Day requires careful planning in Blairstown, New Jersey, for local officials there have made it illegal to plant trees in the middle of the street.

New York

Be sure to enter your vehicle feeling sartorially content while in Sag Harbor, New York. Officials there have made it illegal to disrobe while in your car.

North Carolina

Officials in Dunn, North Carolina, apparently harbor no faith in the intuitive powers of common sense:

  • First, they have made it illegal to play in traffic. So if you’re a parent make sure your kids play Candyland on the floor of a living room rather than on the asphalt of a passing lane.
  • Second, it is illegal to drive through a cemetery if you’re not there to dig a grave or bury someone. So if you intend to visit the grave of a loved one bring really powerful binoculars and a ladder for accessing the roof of your vehicle while parked outside the cemetery.
  • And third, even if you are considerate enough to yell “On your left,” officials still deem it illegal to drive on sidewalks.


In Canton, Ohio, people wearing roller skates cannot share the streets with cars. And yes, this applies even during the “couples only” skate.


Reading about masked me in tights is frowned upon. You’ll be ticketed if caught reading a comic book while driving.


In Oregon you need to be not only alert for state troopers with speed guns, but also with stop watches. For you can be ticketed if you leave your car door open longer than is deemed necessary.

You will be slapped with a Class A traffic violation if you use your car on an Oregon highway to prove your physical endurance.

Rhode Island

In Scituate, Rhode Island, it is illegal to drive with beer in your vehicle even if it is unopened. So, in other words, if you’re a beer delivery driver you’re screwed.

South Carolina

There’s a good reason why automakers don’t manufacture models named the Dodge Dumpster or the Lexus Litterbin. For in Hilton Head, South Carolina, it is illegal to store trash in your vehicle due to rat problems.

West Virginia

Virginia may be for lovers, but West Virginia is for meat lovers. Officials in the Mountain State have deemed it perfectly legal for anyone to scavenge road kill.


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4 Simple Steps to Your Next Car Loan

When you go to buy a vehicle, it can be stressful. The loan process can seem overwhelming, but it can be easier than you think. Take these simple steps to getting your next car loan.

Check Your Credit

Before shopping for a car (or a loan) make sure that you check your credit. The better your credit is – the better your interest rate, which means it’s cheaper to borrow money for you. Which also can mean you  can get more bang for your  buck if you have good credit – a lot of people pay MORE for a lesser car than others, because of their credit rating.

A low credit score won’t necessarily keep you from getting a car loan, but I would suggest making sure you know what type of payment you can afford and what payments would be on specific vehicles before making up your mind on a car. If you have your eyes on a specific vehicle take some time to improve your credit score before you apply for any loans.

Know Your Budget

Like I mentioned, knowing what you can afford is ESSENTIAL. I’ve seen too many people say they will give up all these things in their lives for their ‘dream’ car , but let me tell you something – that feeling will go away really fast. Sure you may be able to on paper afford a higher payment than initially thought, but you also have to consider a higher insurance bill, possibly more money for gas – and don’t forget about the other things you left out of your budget – or the other costs that come along with owning a vehicle -regular oil changes and maintenance and of course tires as well (and if you haven’t bought any recently – they aren’t cheap!) Sit down and review your bank statements and make a complete comprehensive list of your outgoing monies before committing to 4-7 years of a monthly car payment.


Get PreApproved

After you check your credit, and figure out your budget the next step would be to get pre approved. BE SURE NOT TO GET YOUR PRE APPROVAL UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO BUY. Most pre approval loans are only good for a certain amount of time – usually 15 to 30 days – you don’t want to have to run your credit again, so don’t get it until you are ready to commit to buying. Look for a loan with a reputable company, and look for the best interest rates and loan amounts. If you are set on a particular manufacturer you can always check with your dealership for loan options – sometimes they can find you lower rates than you can find yourself!

Now the FUN part – GO SHOPPING

Before going to look at vehicles, put in a little research and find cars that fit into your budget and needs. Things to consider are size, color, gas mileage and any extra features that you may want. Read reviews and ask around to see which car might be best for you. Once you know what you want, go take a look! Compare prices at the dealership, and check dealer incentives and rebates to get your best price!


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Getting Your Vehicle Winter Ready

Regular maintenance is required to have a well running vehicle – but it’s especially important to make sure everything is up to date before cold weather hits.Here’s a few simple things to make sure your vehicle is winter ready.


All vehicles needs proper lubrication in order to work properly. From washer fluid to antifreeze. Windshield wiper fluid is a necessity, clean oil (I always suggest getting an oil and filter change at the start of winter) and top off fluids like transmission fluid and coolant.



The last step to making sure your brakes are working properly – I suggest that you get them checked by a certified mechanic at your local dealership like East Hill Chevrolet to test your brakes, brake pads, discs, and rotors so that you can be confident in your vehicles ability to stop when needed!


A lot of us are guilty of overworking our tires- but this is one thing you cannot just let go. This isn’t your roots ladies or nails that need done – tires are very important to the performance and safety of your vehicle. Check the tire tread and see if they are worn, monitor your tires monthly (and if the weather is changing a lot – warmer then colder then warm again) check the tire pressure each time you fill up your gas tank.And of course definitely check them out before a long trip.



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Traveling for the Holidays? Driving Laws You Need to Know

There are basic rules of driving that are the same for all 50 states – like we all drive on the right side of the road, and we are all *supposed* to obey the speed limits. BUT there are differences among states, and when you are traveling it is very important to know the laws in the states you will be driving through (like did you know, many states can actually take your license from you even for a minor traffic violation if you are from another state?!).

FindLaw’s State Traffic Laws provide information about the traffic laws and driving rules in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It includes information like statutes for common traffic violations, and state specific driving manuals.


Laws in All States

There are driving laws that are  common in all states – like requiring a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance. Of course also you are not supposed to speed, run red lights, leave the scene of an accident, or drive under the influence.


Distracted Driving

Hand held cell phone use is prohibited in 15 states including D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands, which means an officer can ticket you for using a hand-held cell phone – and that reason only.

There are some states that ban ALL cell phone use (like California) but 38 other states just ban cellphone use completely  for young drivers.

Text messaging is banned in about 47 states now – even if you are just ‘tying in a number” to call, or an ‘address’ to pull up on the GPS system on your phone. (Plus it’s just not safe, whether it’s legal or not, and you put not only your own life in your hands -literally -but others as well, so just don’t do it).

Your best bet is to keep your phone put away, or in a dash holder and use bluetooth to keep yourself


Vehicle Maintenance

From tire pressure, to headlights being out, brakes, cracked windshields and more, some states can give you a citation for not keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle – be sure to visit your local dealership like East Hills Subaru to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready.


Car Seats/Infant Seats

Different states have different laws as far as what age your child can be out of a car/booster seat, and also which way the infant seat is facing (front or back) up to what age/weight. They assume it is your job to know these laws before you drive through these states, so it’s very important to check the laws before traveling.






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