Learn How to Ride with Schwinns SmartStart Bikes

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Schwinn. All opinions are my own.

I remember going on family bike rides when I was a kid – we’d ride around the neighborhood, than the bike path, and eventually my Dad & I were taking 20 mile treks to my Aunt’s a few towns away. I always assumed I’d be the same way with my kids, but when my girls were younger we lived in an apartment on a busy road – and I was working and in school. Needless to say my girls were quite a bit older when they finally learned to ride their bikes, and I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t do the same to my son.

We’ve been practicing when it’s nice out (rain, rain, go away!) and when he’s not at ball practice. He’s determined to be able to go on the bike trail and keep up with his sisters this summer.

Though I want him to learn and be ready to go on some bike trips with the rest of the family – safety is first. In fact Schwinn has some key basics they want to share with you about biking with young riders.

 photo Schwinn_Infographic_041416_v6_zpsovfgswvw.jpg

Schwinn has always been a leader in the bicycle industry, and I was so excited to hear about the new Schwinn SmartStart bikes.

The boys Schwinn Burnout bike is 16′ and a great choice for a new rider (you can check them out, or pick up one of your own at Toys “R” Us)  It’s got a great design that every kid will love and bonus benefits not offered on other bikes. This bike was designed in mind to keep the little biker comfortable so that they can focus on learning to ride instead of being frustrated and uneasy on a bike that just doesn’t feel right. With the Schwinn Smart Start you get all these great benefits:

  • 16” wheel size – classic learn to ride size.
  • Easier to learn to ride-better balance
  • Safer because less wobble
  • Light-weight for stability
  • The seat is shaped and sized to fit a child
  • When a SmartStart seat is raised to fit a growing child, the distance from the seat to the handle bars increases. This increases the reach distance and will allow the bike to grow with them
  • The grips are smaller for smaller hands
  • The geometry matches the pedal width to a child’s hip width
  • Like all Schwinn bikes, SmartStart bikes have a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike

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Schwinn SmartStart Family Ride Sweepstakes

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Plan for the Future with Counsyl DNA Testing Services

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Counsyl. Though I received a complimentary test for my time, all opinions are my own.

Last month I introduced you to the awesome DNA Testing technology offered from Counsyl.

This simple, yet effective DNA test uses a small sample of saliva or blood to look at up to 24 genes associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, such as breast, ovarian and colon, as well as other types of cancer.

Some of the genes we inherit from our parents are meant to protect us from certain cancers – however, sometimes we inherit an irregular version of one of these genes, called a mutation (no, not the kind that turns you into a Ninja Turtle, or an X-Man with superhero capabilities – though that would be awesome) meaning, that you’re more susceptible to developing one of these cancers at some point in your life. The Inherited Cancer Screen can look for these irregularities – so that you can work with your doctor to lower your risks.


Now I have had many family members diagnosed with cancer – my grandpa had brain cancer, my great-grandpa had a cancerous tumor, both my Grandmas had breast cancer, and my uncle had lung cancer. Needless to say, I wanted to see what my risks might be in developing an inherited cancerous disease, so that I could do everything possible in preventative care.

Signing up for the free test was pretty simple – I registered, answered a few questions, got approval from my Doctor, and they sent a Fed Ex box with instructions on how to take a saliva sample, and how to return the box for testing. (If I can do it, anyone can). The hardest part was coming up with enough saliva to fill it up to the fill line – but over a few minutes I was able to.

I mailed it in, and I received an e-mail letting me know that they received it, and they’d get back with me with the results.I have to admit. I was a bit nervous. With the family history on both sides of my family, I have to be honest – I wasn’t expecting good news.

Needless to say I was super thrilled to get my NEGATIVE result, but either way, I wanted to know. There are some things that are just not better left off for later – learning and knowing now, can help you plan for your future.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Counsyl. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Your One Stop Sport Shop: Dicks Sporting Goods

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vocalpoint and DICK’s Sporting Goods ®all opinions are my own.

As a busy working Mom life can get well, a bit hectic. Time is always of the essence and I never repeat never ever have enough time to do everything that I want to do. I am just one person, and however much I want to be considered a super hero , I’m not. I am just a sleep-deprived, coffee guzzling Mom who is always one step behind (or so it seems).

Now you would think with my busy life that I wouldn’t add more things to make it well, you know, busier. But I sign up my kids for everything they want to do (anything that keeps them from roaming the internet or playing video games all day) even if it puts a lot more work on me. So with me trying to make it to the gym 3x a week,  my oldest involved in the newspaper, yearbook and drama club, my middle child in band, chorus, cheer, girls on the run and soccer, adding baseball again this year to my youngest ones already busy schedule seemed like it would be a piece of cake (insert sarcasm here).


If  your kids have ever played sports you know the lists of ‘must haves’ and ‘really really want’ gets pretty long. At the beginning of the season our sports equipment list is as long as my grocery list! To save time and money we have become loyal shoppers at Dicks Sporting Goods.

This year my son went from t-ball to baseball, which can be a big change for a little guy! I also needed to pick up some new work out clothes and running shoes, – So we went to our local DSG and decided to do some shopping.


Now if there is one thing I passed along to my son is my love for shopping – once he gets going, he doesn’t want to stop. We had a list of things we wanted to pick up, and ended up with, well, quite a bit more than what was on the list.

The first step was a new glove – as well as a new bat bag, new bat, batting glove, cleats, and baseball pants!


Fortunately we hit up DSG when they were having a great sale! They are really great at making sure that they have affordable items for everyone during each sports season. I saw a lot of great baseball and softball equipment deals!


He had a ton of fun shopping!

(and a bit of a hard time making up his mind!)


I picked up a pair of New Balance running shoes, and a cute workout top (to be featured later – I had a hard time taking a picture of myself in my outfit!)

I love that I am able to get everything we need at one store – without running around from place to place, such a time saver!


He was ALL decked out in style for his game – and couldn’t be prouder.


Dicks Sporting Goods is literally a one stop shop for all your sports needs!
Want to go on a shopping adventure of your own? Enter to win a $50 Dicks Sporting Goods gift card below! Winner will be chosen on 5/6 and prize will be fulfilled by Vocalpoint.

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Smart Phones Can Save You Time & Money When You’re Sick

Picture this scenario: After you get home from work, you start feeling vaguely “under the weather.” Knowing that a cold has been going around, you drink a mug of echinacea tea and make sure to get to bed early. In the morning, however, the previous night’s fears become reality: you have an itchy throat, a stuffy nose and maybe even a slight fever.


Once you’ve called in sick (assuming you’re not the type of person who enjoys infecting your co-workers with whatever illness you have), it’s time to figure out how you’re going to get better. At this point, most people grab their go-to cold remedy, scour the pantry for soup, and start catching up on episodes of their favorite TV shows.


In this situation, why would you bother seeing a doctor? That would require calling to set up an appointment, traveling from your house or apartment to the doctor’s office, sitting in a waiting room with other sick people for who knows how long, spending 10 minutes—if you’re lucky—talking to a doctor who’s probably more concerned with the dozens of other patients he’s seeing that day, and going home with a slightly lighter wallet.


If I had to choose between the series of headaches described in the previous paragraph and a Netflix binge session, I would almost always go with the latter. But since this article is supposed to tell readers something they don’t know, allow me to introduce you to a term that you might not be familiar with: telemedicine.


I’m only being slightly facetious when I say that telemedicine is the future. According to the American Telemedicine Association, “telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status.” In layman’s terms, telemedicine allows you to use your computer or mobile device to talk to a doctor via video chat, voice call or text at any time of day, seven days a week.


For smartphone owners, telemedicine is hands-down the most convenient way to get medical advice, especially for minor illnesses. Unlike in-person visits, wait times are minimal and users can select their preferred method of communication. Telemedicine is especially useful if you have kids. When your child has a cold or another minor illness, instead of rearranging your busy schedule to take them to the doctor, you can schedule an early morning video or phone call.


Another reason to give telemedicine a try is cost. An increasing number of insurance companies are offering telemedicine services because they’re cost-effective and encourage patients to make more frequent contact with medical providers, a benefit which reduces long-term health risks. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover telemedicine visits, they tend to be cheaper than your standard doctor’s visit.


Besides consultations for minor illnesses, telemedicine is also good for prescription refills and getting second opinions. Since the practice is still relatively new, state governments are still working on legislation regulating the kinds of medications that doctors can and cannot prescribe via telemedicine. Generally speaking, patients need to have seen a doctor in person before receiving a prescription virtually. But once that in-person relationship has been established, patients can get prescription refills through a telemedicine visit. As for second opinions, telemedicine saves patients from going to doctor’s office to doctor’s office when they’re looking for the right diagnosis.


American Well and Teladoc are a couple of the established players in telemedicine, but there are also up-and-comers like Oscar, which is an insurance company that offers its members free telemedicine services. Check out this list of the top telemedicine companies to explore some other options. You can also book an appointment on Treato.com.

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Seek some Adventure: Get out and Play in the Lap of Nature

Who doesn’t like adventure? The thought of visiting a place which is off the radar and away from the prying eyes of people is always something which gets people excited. But in this day and age, when life is so busy and people don’t even get the time to talk to loved ones every day; where is the time for adventure? But should this be holding you back? We doubt!

With tons of affordable packages and companies like HotelsByDay offering day use hotels for last minute plans for a staycation; there is plenty of scope for people to just let themselves loose and spend some quality time alone in the lap of nature. So if are someone who had been holding themselves back since some time now; we are here with some cool ideas for your next adventure trip.

Conquer a Mountain


When it comes to taking a break, normally people think of visiting an adventure park or a popular tourist destination like a famous city such as Paris, London or New York. However, true adventure calls for doing something out of the ordinary, like conquering a mountain for example. And when we talk about a mountain it doesn’t really have to be something as huge as the Everest and neither do you need to be an expert mountaineer to do that. There are plenty of options on the table. Try Kilimanjaro or the Mount Fuji for example, as they are not only located at some of the most exquisite places on the planet, but the view is such; the memories of which will last a lifetime.

Visit a Country less Explored


You wouldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful countries such as Bhutan, Myanmar or Mongolia are often go under the radar. These countries have some of the most breathtaking views you are can lay your eyes on. Moreover, the exclusivity of such places means that you wouldn’t find a ton of people visiting these countries which means you get to spend more time alone in lap of nature. Our advice, take a break and try visiting countries which are less visited and have ample to offer when it comes to natural beauty.

Camping in the Wild


We see it in the movies all the time. People having a gala time by the campfire either by themselves or with their loved ones. But, the question is, have you ever tried doing that? If yes, you are rock and if your answer is no, then you are missing you on one of the finest things in life—camping out in the wilderness with not a stranger in sight. And it doesn’t take much to go camping, just a tent, some awesome food, a few other necessary things and you are done. Also, an idyllic location should definitely be on your checklist as that’s the most important thing isn’t it? Camping gives you the time to embrace the silence of nature and introspection which is something most of us never get the time for. Moreover, if you have kids; camping is a great way to introduce your little ones to nature and what it means to be one with it.

Don’t let life hold you back. Take some time out and head out to experience life from a different lens. We all need to work to survive and pay our bills. But just surviving isn’t living is it? So don’t hold yourself back and just live like nature intended us too.

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