7 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Porsche

We all know the Porsche name to be synonymous with luxury, with the sleek body, powerful engine and high performance, but most of us don’t know much else about the Porsche brand. As I started researching some different models to write about, I realized there was a lot about Porsche that was pretty fascinating that I had to share!

This post is sponsored by Len Stoler Porsche.

Porsche race cars have won roughly 28,000 races across the globe.
For 50 years, Porsche vehicles have achieved more than 28,000 victories in different categories of speed racing. NO ONE has been able to top that!

Porsches can survive it all – well a lot more than other vehicles.
Two-thirds of all produced Porsche cars have survived to this day. And even more impressive is that almost all of them are still operational…talk about quality!

Porsches Creator Ferdinand was Like a Genius.
From the early childhood, it was obvious that young Ferdinand was technically inclined. Every citizen of Mafersdorf witnessed his talent when he built his first energy generator at the age of 15. At that day and age, the electric bulb was the most advanced piece of tech ordinary person could hope to find. Apparently, before Ferdinand had built his custom generator, only the city mayor had electricity in his house.

Porsche designed tractors.
Porsche has a more fascinating tractor history than even Lamborghini. They even made a gasoline-powered tractor specifically for coffee farmers, so diesel fumes wouldn’t impact the flavor. (they just think of everything!)

Porsche invented the VW Beetle.
In 1934, Porsche received an order from the German government to develop a simple and affordable car which could be easily mass-produced. Just a year later, Porsche introduced the first prototype of “People’s Car” (German: Volkswagen), which later became world-famous under the name of VW Beetle.

Porsche designed a GRILL.

Harley Davidson loves Porsche too.
The Harley V-Rod features an advanced 60 degree double overhead cam engine that was developed specially for Harley’s racing divison..of course, by Porsche.

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Feeling Sleepy? Here are 10 Ways to be More Alert

There’s a sizeable chunk of the population that has trouble sleeping. They toss and turn in bed, and they’re tired, but unable to sleep. And then there are people who feel sleepy all day. Sometimes even when they’ve had enough sleep. They feel drowsy and lack energy. If you’re one of those, and are experiencing trouble with your productivity because of the constant sleepy feeling, here’s your ultimate solution(s)!

We’ve got you 10 super effective ways to be more alert and active and make the most of your day.


Get Whole Grains

Whole grains are a big yes when it comes to improving your concentration levels. If you’re one of those who tend to feel the brain fog during work, starting your day with a breakfast rich in whole grains can work wonders, and can make you feel much more alert and sharper than you would expect.


Keep Moving

If you’re feeling sluggish and inactive, one of the best ways to be more alert instantly is to keep moving. Take out 10-15 mins out of every 2 hours to just walk around and stretch for a bit and get the blood flowing. Engaging in regular physical activity will also help you and your body in many other ways.


Take a Power Nap

Power naps are seriously underrated. Sneak in a small 20 minute power nap during the day to feel more fresh and energetic than you were before. While power naps can definitely not compensate for the lack of sleep everyday, they can give you that little energy boost to keep you going.


Get More Fiber

Consuming more fiber rich foods has many benefits. First, its helps you feel full for a longer time, which is why, you can easily beat those unnecessary food cravings. Secondly, this ‘full’ feeling can help you stay more focused and give you an energy boost that is consistent and that keeps on going throughout the day.


Add More Greens

By greens, we don’t mean green leafy vegetables- we mean plants, especially if you live in a city area. Having a houseplant or a small garden can literally clear out all the toxins and pollutants from the environment you live in- some of which have been found to have energy-draining effects on the body.


Get Out

Being in touch with nature has many benefits, and one of the most important ones is that it will help you feel more alive, fresh and relaxed. If you’re feeling sleepy, it’ll make you feel full of energy. Sounds too good to be true? Just take a short walk barefoot on the grass and you’ll find out.


Take a Deep Breath

The power and importance of deep breathing is often overlooked. Make it a point to practise deep breathing throughout the day for a few minutes. This simple act takes literally nothing, but it can literally recharge your brain and help you tackle stress super effectively. The next time you feel low in energy, just take a couple of minute to take long, deep breaths and see the instant shift in your mood and energy levels.


Drink Up

When you’re stuck between a pile of tasks to perform, remembering to drink enough water can be a problem. Studies have found that even being mildly dehydrated can cause you to feel more sleepy and sluggish, and conversely, keeping yourself hydrated can make you feel fresh and active.


Be Social

Experts believe that people who are less social tend to have more anxiety and stress, and sleep more too. So the next time you’re feeling sleepy, strike up a conversation with a colleague or chat with an old friend or whoever it is that you want to talk to. You’ll be surprised at how amazing you end up feeling afterwards.


Get More B

Try to get more of vitamin B in your meals through food, especially vitamin B6 and B12. B vitamins are known to help boost your energy levels and keep you more focused on whatever you do. They are also crucial for the development of WBCs which keep the immune system strong, and a strong immune system is exactly what you need to feel more active throughout the day.


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Starting Your Own Woman Operated HVAC Business

Although strides have been taken to instill gender equality in the workforce, some industries are still quite male dominated. You’re bound to find a lot more men working as HVAC technicians, but it isn’t uncommon to find women out in the field to. Use the Best-hvactraining.com website to locate an HVAC training program that meets your budgeting and scheduling needs. The heating, ventilation and cooling industry offers technicians unlimited opportunities to work with their hands and their minds, which is appealing to both women and men. The fact of the matter is that not everyone likes the idea of working in an office all day long. If you have an interest in HVAC technologies, you could eventually have a fully female operated and staffed business one day. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be in store for you.

Prepare to Break a Sweat

HVAC technicians have to be fit, limber and able bodied to perform the full scope of their duties. Some jobs might be easier for smaller, slimmer and more lithe technicians while pure brute strength will be necessary on other jobs. Until you are fully trained you’ll be working as an apprentice, so any work that you perform will be done under the supervision of a certified HVAC tech. This training will help you in being able to ascertain the requisites of all upcoming jobs before you even arrive. In other words, you will know whether you can expect to be crawling into tight spaces or hauling away refrigerators prior to accepting or declining a service appointment.

Your Mental Skills Will be Tested

You are going to use a lot of math and logic during your time as an HVAC technician. Prior to installing a new HVAC unit, you’ll need to calculate how many BTUs will be necessary to sufficiently cool a space based on its square footage. You will need to measure how much freon should be added to old air conditioners, and you will need to calculate how many hours it should take you to complete a prospective job so that you can provide an accurate estimate to your client. The good news is that flexing your mental muscles will make you better suited to be an HVAC business owner. It will likely be at least five years before you can actually look to work independently and in a supervisory capacity, so look forward to getting all of the hands-on training you can muster.

Ask Around

Certified HVAC technicians generally travel in the same circles, so you will have various chances to meet and speak with owner-operators. Do not be nervous about asking questions. Of course, no HVAC business owner is going to give you their list of customers but they won’t mind giving you some pointers. Ask the right questions and you can save a lot of time during the planning stages.

Spend a few years working in the HVAC field and you’ll gain a lot of respect. Because there are fewer women working in this industry, they do tend to garner more attention than others. Use your uniqueness as a positive and capitalize on the fact that you’re a proud female HVAC tech.

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More Bang for Your Buck with the Hyundai Santa Fe

I had the opportunity to test drive a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe a few months ago – and let me tell you – I’m sold! All ‘names’ aside, in my opinion the Santa Fe takes the cake – and you definitely get more bang for your buck!

So maybe it’s my age (no I’m not telling) but I grew up where some people would refer to certain brands of vehicles as ‘generic’. It was as if these certain manufacturers were ‘less than’ their counterparts in some way, or at least they must be – because they were so much cheaper. Let me tell you – THEY COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG.

I’ve driven a good amount of vehicles in my time – and I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved the Santa Fe. It was roomy, easy to drive, not to mention gorgeous (I really think I may need to think about trading my little Jeep Compass in!) Not to mention IT HAS A THIRD ROW SEAT! I haven’t found a 3rd row seat vehicle I’ve loved since my Chrysler Pacifica! We don’t necessarily need the 3rd row all the time – but it’s nice to have it when we need it, not to mention its super convenient for extra room to put your groceries or whatever you might need to in the back (ours pretty much stay down all the time, unless the hubby and all the kids are in tow, or my sister and her kids). It also has the 3D camera that shows you the view

The Santa Fe is super roomy (whether you are in the front or the back) and I absolutely LOVE that there is a sunroof that goes ALLL the way back to the 3rd row seat. (My son really enjoyed that!)

The warranty of the Hyundai can’t be beat either! One of the best in the industry!

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Where Was My Jeep Made?

In some of the Jeep groups I’m in, the question always comes up, “Where was my Jeep made?” Most know that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is a worldwide company which means that a lot of the vehicles – with all different brands that are made under the FCA name – are made all over the world in different countries. Pretty much, all the parts are made all over the world – but what about assembly?

You’ll be glad to know (and love) that your beloved Jeep was put together in the good ol’ US of A. If you live in the U.S and bought your Jeep in the U.S – it was made in the U.S. (OK, except for maybe one, but let me get to that shortly).

What About My Wrangler? 

The most infamous Jeep – the Wrangler – particularly the Jeep JK Wrangler – your Jeep was probably made at the biggest plant which is in Toledo, OH. Toledo is pretty much the birthplace of the Jeep! There is a huge demand for Wranglers (if you own one, you know that they aren’t cheap – but they sure do keep their value up, compared to other SUVs) , the factory pretty much runs 24/7 – all day and night when they can – to try to keep up with orders! Along with the famous Wrangler, the Cherokees are also assembled there.

What About Other Jeep Models? 

Another famous Jeep plant – Detroit Michigan – is where a lot of the other Jeeps are made. (One manufacturer that didn’t leave Detroit!) They mostly make the Grand Cherokees there; the Belvidere Plant in Illinois makes the Jeep Compass, Patriots and other smaller Jeep models.

But Then There Was One.. 

Before we count out any other Jeep because it was made out of the country – well, don’t think so fast. The Renegade is assembled in Melfi, Italy. (yes, where they make Italian sports cars; OK,maybe not the EXACT place, but come on). They ship the Renegades to the U.S. in shipping containers – and they are still held to Jeep quality standards.

Jeeps are also made internationally, like in the Jeep plants in China, India and Brazil – because the Jeep’s popularity make those places the perfect market for sales in those particular regions.

So overall – your Jeep is probably manufactured in the good ol’ US of A. In fact, you can pick up any Jeep of your desire at your local Len Stoler Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership!


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