Starting Your Own Woman Operated HVAC Business

Although strides have been taken to instill gender equality in the workforce, some industries are still quite male dominated. You’re bound to find a lot more men working as HVAC technicians, but it isn’t uncommon to find women out in the field to. Use the website to locate an HVAC training program that meets your budgeting and scheduling needs. The heating, ventilation and cooling industry offers technicians unlimited opportunities to work with their hands and their minds, which is appealing to both women and men. The fact of the matter is that not everyone likes the idea of working in an office all day long. If you have an interest in HVAC technologies, you could eventually have a fully female operated and staffed business one day. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be in store for you.

Prepare to Break a Sweat

HVAC technicians have to be fit, limber and able bodied to perform the full scope of their duties. Some jobs might be easier for smaller, slimmer and more lithe technicians while pure brute strength will be necessary on other jobs. Until you are fully trained you’ll be working as an apprentice, so any work that you perform will be done under the supervision of a certified HVAC tech. This training will help you in being able to ascertain the requisites of all upcoming jobs before you even arrive. In other words, you will know whether you can expect to be crawling into tight spaces or hauling away refrigerators prior to accepting or declining a service appointment.

Your Mental Skills Will be Tested

You are going to use a lot of math and logic during your time as an HVAC technician. Prior to installing a new HVAC unit, you’ll need to calculate how many BTUs will be necessary to sufficiently cool a space based on its square footage. You will need to measure how much freon should be added to old air conditioners, and you will need to calculate how many hours it should take you to complete a prospective job so that you can provide an accurate estimate to your client. The good news is that flexing your mental muscles will make you better suited to be an HVAC business owner. It will likely be at least five years before you can actually look to work independently and in a supervisory capacity, so look forward to getting all of the hands-on training you can muster.

Ask Around

Certified HVAC technicians generally travel in the same circles, so you will have various chances to meet and speak with owner-operators. Do not be nervous about asking questions. Of course, no HVAC business owner is going to give you their list of customers but they won’t mind giving you some pointers. Ask the right questions and you can save a lot of time during the planning stages.

Spend a few years working in the HVAC field and you’ll gain a lot of respect. Because there are fewer women working in this industry, they do tend to garner more attention than others. Use your uniqueness as a positive and capitalize on the fact that you’re a proud female HVAC tech.

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More Bang for Your Buck with the Hyundai Santa Fe

I had the opportunity to test drive a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe a few months ago – and let me tell you – I’m sold! All ‘names’ aside, in my opinion the Santa Fe takes the cake – and you definitely get more bang for your buck!

So maybe it’s my age (no I’m not telling) but I grew up where some people would refer to certain brands of vehicles as ‘generic’. It was as if these certain manufacturers were ‘less than’ their counterparts in some way, or at least they must be – because they were so much cheaper. Let me tell you – THEY COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG.

I’ve driven a good amount of vehicles in my time – and I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved the Santa Fe. It was roomy, easy to drive, not to mention gorgeous (I really think I may need to think about trading my little Jeep Compass in!) Not to mention IT HAS A THIRD ROW SEAT! I haven’t found a 3rd row seat vehicle I’ve loved since my Chrysler Pacifica! We don’t necessarily need the 3rd row all the time – but it’s nice to have it when we need it, not to mention its super convenient for extra room to put your groceries or whatever you might need to in the back (ours pretty much stay down all the time, unless the hubby and all the kids are in tow, or my sister and her kids). It also has the 3D camera that shows you the view

The Santa Fe is super roomy (whether you are in the front or the back) and I absolutely LOVE that there is a sunroof that goes ALLL the way back to the 3rd row seat. (My son really enjoyed that!)

The warranty of the Hyundai can’t be beat either! One of the best in the industry!

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Where Was My Jeep Made?

In some of the Jeep groups I’m in, the question always comes up, “Where was my Jeep made?” Most know that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is a worldwide company which means that a lot of the vehicles – with all different brands that are made under the FCA name – are made all over the world in different countries. Pretty much, all the parts are made all over the world – but what about assembly?

You’ll be glad to know (and love) that your beloved Jeep was put together in the good ol’ US of A. If you live in the U.S and bought your Jeep in the U.S – it was made in the U.S. (OK, except for maybe one, but let me get to that shortly).

What About My Wrangler? 

The most infamous Jeep – the Wrangler – particularly the Jeep JK Wrangler – your Jeep was probably made at the biggest plant which is in Toledo, OH. Toledo is pretty much the birthplace of the Jeep! There is a huge demand for Wranglers (if you own one, you know that they aren’t cheap – but they sure do keep their value up, compared to other SUVs) , the factory pretty much runs 24/7 – all day and night when they can – to try to keep up with orders! Along with the famous Wrangler, the Cherokees are also assembled there.

What About Other Jeep Models? 

Another famous Jeep plant – Detroit Michigan – is where a lot of the other Jeeps are made. (One manufacturer that didn’t leave Detroit!) They mostly make the Grand Cherokees there; the Belvidere Plant in Illinois makes the Jeep Compass, Patriots and other smaller Jeep models.

But Then There Was One.. 

Before we count out any other Jeep because it was made out of the country – well, don’t think so fast. The Renegade is assembled in Melfi, Italy. (yes, where they make Italian sports cars; OK,maybe not the EXACT place, but come on). They ship the Renegades to the U.S. in shipping containers – and they are still held to Jeep quality standards.

Jeeps are also made internationally, like in the Jeep plants in China, India and Brazil – because the Jeep’s popularity make those places the perfect market for sales in those particular regions.

So overall – your Jeep is probably manufactured in the good ol’ US of A. In fact, you can pick up any Jeep of your desire at your local Len Stoler Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership!


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Everything Your Kids Need To Know About Money

There are quite a few parents who worry about teaching their children about money and money management. They tend to worry that their kids might not be ready to face the whole concept of money. However, it’s good to expose your children to this part of life as early as possible. That way, they can grow up with a sensible grounding and will have a good knowledge and experience of money, which will greatly set them up for life as an adult.

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

It can be very easy for children to think that there is a bottomless pot of money that adults dip into whenever they need to buy something. But we all know that that’s not how money actually works. So, you need to teach your children that money doesn’t grow on trees. Make sure that you instill a good work ethic into them so that they understand that the more they can work and the better job they have, the more money they will be able to earn throughout their life.

There’s Usually Emergency Help

It can be very easy to start stressing about money worries whenever we hit any financial trouble. Your kids will find this out later in life, but it’s a good idea to try and teach them that there are always ways to find help with finances. For example, there are many different financing options that can help you get over issues. It could be worth showing your kids more about National Debt Relief so that you can show them who they could turn to whenever to need to. It’s also important to teach them that it isn’t worth getting stressed out about money – no matter how bad it seems, there is always a way through to the other side.

You Need To Save For Good Things

Good things come to those who wait! We all know that, right? Well, kids won’t know that until they learn it. So, you should keep on reinforcing the idea that saving is better than spending because it gives them a chance to increase the amount of money they have so that they can then buy some extra special. Giving your kids some weekly pocket money gives them the chance to experiment with saving so that they can see just how beneficial it can be.

It’s Good To Be Skeptical

We all know that there are somethings that see to be way too good to be true. In most cases if something does seem too good, then it probably is! That’s often the case with money scams. So, be sure to tell your kids that it is ok to have a healthy amount of skepticism about money products. It could really help them to spot a scam before it is too late!

So, there you have it. Some important money lessons that will make your children a lot better at managing their money and finances once they are independent. It will make their lives as adults a whole lot easier!

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Drivers: Don’t Make These Mistakes While Out On The Road

Every driver makes silly mistakes from time to time – but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore them. Knowing the most common mistakes that drivers make and assessing whether you tend to make these mistakes can help you to become a much better driver. You might not even realize that you’re doing any of the things listed here, until you read through them.

Take a look at some of the mistakes you could be making:

Looking At Your Phone ‘Just For A Second’

Mobile phones are one of the biggest reasons for distracted driving. We’re so addicted to our phones these days, that we can struggle to put them down even for a few minutes while we’re doing something as dangerous as driving a vehicle!

You need to allow yourself to become more detached from your technology. Looking at your phone even for a second can cost you your life, or the life of somebody else. The best thing you can do to avoid this impulse is to put your phone on silent or turn it off, and leave it in your bag or your glovebox. If you must, you can download an app that will read your texts aloud to you while you drive so you don’t feel the need to touch your phone at all. However, if you know you can’t resist temptation, it might be best to get rid of it all together and turn it off before putting it somewhere you can’t reach it.

Not Turning When You Indicate

Picture the scene: you’re driving along, and you indicate to make the next turn. However, at the last second, you realize that this is the wrong turn. What do you do? In an ideal world, you’d take the turn anyway and either pull over or turn around safely, or adjust your route. However, many people have made the mistake of deciding not to turn at the last second and ended up in a collision. While the car behind you may not have the best etiquette by trying to go around you before you’ve even turned, you’ll be at fault for the collision if you indicated but didn’t take the turn. Always take the turn if you’ve indicated and you’re already at the turn. The only time it may be ok for you to do otherwise is if the roads are empty.

Allowing Yourself To Get Distracted

Aside from your mobile phone, there are many other things that can distract you while you’re on the road. Whether you’re fiddling with the radio as you drive or speaking to a talkative passenger, these things will stop you from driving as well as you could be driving. Make sure you sort things out before you set out; set up your sat nav, tune the radio, and have everything in place so you have no excuse. If your passenger is talkative, only answer when you’re confident about where you’re going – and don’t be afraid to let them do most of the talking.

Getting Too Worked Up On The Road

It can be easy to get yourself all worked up while driving, especially if you don’t know where you’re going or something else is going on. The more you let yourself get worked up, the worse you’ll feel. If you can feel yourself getting stressed out on the road, take deep breaths until you feel calmer. It sounds like a cliche, but it works. If you have to, pull over until you’ve calmed down. If you know you’re an anxious driver, try the following tips:

  • Listen to relaxing music quietly while you drive
  • Invest in a satnav or app to help you get to your destination
  • Always wear your seat belt and make sure your car is safe to drive
  • Try not to drive in adverse conditions
  • Drive when the roads aren’t too busy

Eventually, you should build your confidence up enough to feel confident in any driving situation. Practice makes perfect when out on the road.

Not Adequately Preparing For Long Drives

Preparing for long drives properly could save your life. Is your car safe? Have you checked the tire pressure, and changed the oil? Do you have enough gas in the tank? Do you know where you’re going to stop for refreshments/gas/and sleep? Have you taken the time to sign up for a defensive driving course so you’re prepared for anything? These tips will help you in all situations, especially long drives. Lots of people risk driving their car without checking it out or working out where they’ll stop to get some sleep, but they are taking a huge risk that isn’t worth the consequences.

Ignoring Warning Signs From Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is warning you about something, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. Occasionally, the light may have shown as a mistake and disappear, but you should take your car to get looked at ASAP rather than waiting for it to go away on its own.

Riding The Clutch

Riding the clutch is a dangerous driver error that lots of drivers make. If you’re changing gear and keeping your foot on the clutch while you drive/turn, you’re going to wear your clutch down, as well as have less control over your vehicle. You have far more chance of losing control of your vehicle while riding the clutch than any other time.

Ignoring Your Mirror Positioning

Your mirrors need to be positioned perfectly so that you can see by just moving your eyes, rather than your head. If you’re over six foot tall, you’ll need to position your mirrors so that you can see your blind spots by overlapping your rear view mirror. Make sure you check that your mirrors are in the correct position every time you get in the car.

If you drive, make sure you avoid these mistakes while out on the road at all costs. Making the mistakes listed here could mean making a silly mistake with big consequences.


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