Tips for a Healthy Dog in Summertime

If you have a pet dog, you get to have a loyal and steadfast companion all year long. Like humans, dogs have different needs for each season, and there are some special tips you should keep in mind to make sure your furry friend is healthy and happy throughout the summer. Here are some things you should keep in mind for your beloved pets as summer arrives.

Offer Opportunities for Extra Hydration

Dogs get dehydrated just like humans do. For that reason, it’s important to offer your dog more water during the warm months. Put multiple water bowls out in your house — particularly if your house has more than one floor. Make sure you check and refill them regularly. You should also get a collapsible travel water bowl to carry with you on the go. That way, if you’re out of the house, you can stop and give your pup some water so he stays comfortable and hydrated no matter where he is.

Walk at the Right Time of Day

Walks are always good for a dog, but during the summer, try to walk during the most comfortable hours of day, particularly if you live in a really hot part of the world. Try going early in the morning or late in the evening before the sun has a chance to heat up or after it’s cooled down outside. By walking at the right time of day, you can go on longer walks and make sure both you and your pet are expending the proper amount of energy to stay happy and healthy.

Treat for Fleas and Ticks

Ticks and fleas are normal pests that like to hitch rides on dogs. If your dog’s going to be spending a lot more time outside during the summer, you need to be sure your dog’s flea and tick treatments are up to date. Go to your vet and ask for flea and tick treatment to make sure your pup is protected. Check your dog for ticks and fleas regularly after you go on walks, venture out on hikes or visit the beach. By catching these pests early, you can make sure they don’t cause health problems for your dog’s health or in your home.

Make Sure He Has a Cool Place to Sleep

It can heat up even inside during the summer. Make sure your dog’s bed is placed somewhere that is cool either away from a hot sunny window or in an air-conditioned room. If your dog seems particularly fatigued during the summer, make sure he’s spending enough time inside cool rooms and is getting enough sleep in a comfortable spot. If your dog seems to be excessively thirsty or fatigued, take him to the vet. He might have something more serious like Cushing’s Syndrome, which can be treated with various medications, such as trilostane for dogs.

Having a pet dog is an excellent way to have a companion and make memories no matter what time of year it is. If you have a pet dog and it is summer time, there are some season-specific health tips to keep in mind so that your dog thrives all season long. By keeping this important info in mind, you can ensure that your dog stays healthy, happy and by your side for many more summers to come.


Lannie, writer for Allivet. Allivet provides affordable pet supplies and pet medications, all of which can be purchased online.


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Hesitant About Buying Your Kid a Cell Phone? Check Out This Great Alternative

Now before we get started, let me say, this is NOT a sponsored post. This is a product that I absolutely love and I knew I had to share it with my readers. 


The average age a child gets their first smart phone is 10 years old. My youngest is about to turn 10 – and I know he is in no way, shape or form, ready for the responsibility that a smartphone comes with. Do I think he will lose it? Maybe; but probably not. He’s gotten pretty responsible over the last year or so. But what I know he is not ready for, is the freedom that comes from a gateway into the internet that I cannot keep him from.

Let me give you a back story – my 2 oldest got smartphones about this age; I had a good excuse. They would go visit their Dad, whom always seemed to have his cell phone turned off for not paying the bill, and who also had a drinking problem. My girls would spend the night and I would constantly be worried about them. What if they needed me? What if they wanted to come home? We started with the flip phones when they were about 8 or so, and we upgraded to smartphones because I thought it would be great to be able to have them send me photos, and of course GPS location in an emergency.. and for these things? It’s worked great. I was able to keep an eye on my daughter when she went to D.C. with her class, even though there were terrorists threats, I knew exactly where she was at every moment. I knew she could text or call me if she needed me, or the police. She sent me photos and videos of her trip, and I loved that I could ‘live it with her’. But it’s not worth it.

Though I did my best to ‘lock down’ their phones, there is always a threat that we don’t see coming when it comes to the internet. I didn’t allow them to download any apps that was for over the age of 13, I had their passwords to all their accounts, and I randomly would go through their phones to make sure they weren’t hiding anything. But kids are smart – and if they want to do something, they will do something. One of my daughters figured out how to bypass my security and download apps I didn’t want her to have – she mistakenly saw and read things she shouldn’t have. It was innocent enough, going on Tumblr to read ‘fan fiction’ that had you go read this, and then follow this, and then all the sudden there was porn. Then it was ‘friends’ on Twitter who encouraged her to bully someone, or on her own account, be a someone I didn’t know she was. It was rough. And the hardest part? At that point, you can’t just take it all away. I mean, technically you can – but the damage is already done. That innocence, that ‘ I’m responsible for my actions’ , that moral compass, can go straight out the window.

Now I’m not saying every kid will get into something – some will follow the rules and some are fine at putting their phones down and engaging with the world. But some aren’t. Some who already have problems or insecurities – sometimes access to the web and hiding behind a screen does become their world. It’s hard to turn back the clock and change that. It’s already spilled milk.

So with my son I decided to be a bit more strict. . usually the youngest gets away with a lot more, but in my case, I learned so many lessons with the first 2, that I have a better idea what to do now. Having full on access to smart phone, at least for now, is not in the cards for my son. But I needed something – something he could reach out to me with if he needed me, or if I needed to contact him. He gets himself on the bus, and in the house after school; we got rid of our house phone years ago. So I started looking for alternatives, and that’s when I found the Gizmo Gadget.  

Essentially a Gizmo Gadget is a kid’s smart watch. It’s a ‘cell phone’ watch that can call only the numbers you add, (and only those numbers can call the Gizmo Gadget as well). You can program up to 10 numbers, and you can call them directly from your cell phone. It also has – wait for it – GPS!

Parents or caregivers can download the GizmoHub App on their smartphone, and link their child’s Gizmo Gadget so they can locate their child using the Gizmo Gadget GPS.

It can take up to 3 minutes to ‘find’ them (usually less) but from my experience, it’s within 500 feet of where he is at all times. The other nice thing about the app is you can set up the watch to not ring during certain times. So while my son is in school the watch is on silent mode. You can also set the phone up to auto-answer your phone calls! Another great feature with the app and phone is that from the app you can send text messages to your child. You are free to write anything – but they have limited text availability (which I wish we did have more freedom to put more optional text in for the kids to reply with) as you can see, my son got creative with messaging me to see if he was riding the bus home, or if his Nana was picking him up from school.

He sends the little home emoji with a question mark to let me know he wants to know what is going on – if he gets in the bus ride line, or if Nana is picking him up. It’s come in handy more than once, especially while he is at school and can’t be talking on his ‘phone’.

Overall this watch has been exactly what we’ve needed. Now when he’s 13 will I still be talking to him through his watch? I’m not sure. Maybe =) Or I might even let him upgrade to a Apple watch. But for now, this is a great alternative to a smartphone for younger children. It gives me peace of mind in more ways than one.

Gizmo Gadget’s usually run around $100 or so, and I was able to add mine to our Verizon phone plan for just $5 a month. (Cheaper than smartphones too!) Check with your carrier to see what options you have. Also look into a screen protector (which is why my son’s watch looks a bit bubbly in the picture) they will scratch just as easily as any other phone screen, and so far the screen protector has done a good job at protecting it!)


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Why Knowing Your Body is Great For Improving Long-Term Health

As you get older, you are more tuned into how your body reacts to certain things in life. The way our systems work helps to deliver a range of warning signs that can help navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle. By ignoring these signs, you can also suffer the effects of ailments and an unhealthy lifestyle in the longer term. Trusting your gut is also another important aspect of knowing your body and helps to bring emotions and feelings into play when making choices about wellbeing and physical health. Knowing your body comes down to some simple areas to watch out for.


Balancing your diet


If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of bloat and low energy in your day-to-day lifestyle, this could be due to your diet. Your body knows when its eaten too much or not eaten enough of the right foods and starts to show you in how you physically and mentally feel. By changing your habits, you’ll begin to notice a difference in a short space of time and building on this will eliminate many of the significant things that may have affected your mood and energy levels during your bad diet.


Pushing yourself too hard


Exercise and fitness are essential to promote a healthy lifestyle, but there will be times that pushing yourself will take its toll on your body. You’ll spot signs that your body is running on empty and this may actually make you feel tired and weak due to overexertion. By recognizing when you need to slow down, whether this is at work or play will ensure you keep a healthy body and mind.


Changes in your body


Your body goes through changes at different times of your life and identifying these can help to spot anything unusual or out of character for your body. For women, common changes can highlight any signs of pregnancy or not, or in later life, it might bring to light the menopausal differences in your body. By honing in on your ability to identify changes or issues, this can help detect things early on and get you the help you need to change your lifestyle.


Improving your outlook


There are times in your life where things can start to get on top of you and taking a step back is needed to reassess the situation. This natural ability to spot problems before they turn into more significant issues is essential for preserving your mental health. By embracing your problem-solving skills, you can help to rebuild your own self-confidence and that of others to avoid falling deeper into negative emotion and destructive feelings.


The human body is a highly intelligent and sophisticated tool to help live our lives in the best possible way. By looking after it and treating it with respect, we can spot the signs when things start to affect its ability to function adequately. Taking the time to find yourself and tune into your instincts will help you discover a new outlook on healthy living.



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Mama Summit and the Clean Air Force Initiative

Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that a week or so ago I was in Columbus learning a little bit about an organization called Moms Clean Air Force at a Mama Summit. Pretty much what it is, is this awesome group that organized some events across the country, that brought together their group and local leaders together to bring attention to issues and policies that impact clean air and children’s health. The discussions were focused on local officials who are willing to help take whatever necessary actions needed at the local level.

I can honestly say I was surprised at how much I learned – and how clueless I was about the effects of pollutants in our air, and how it effects our children. Not only their physical health, but their mental health as well. One of the speakers, who happened to be from the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital shared some research that they’ve been collecting locally for the last few years. The results are pretty staggering; and something needs to be done.

While you may think there isn’t much you can do as an individual – there is; and we all need to step up and do something.

Cities and individuals can implement a wide range of solutions to make sure our air is clean and our communities are resilient:

Commit to increasing the use of renewable energy citywide — pledge to get to 100% renewable
energy by a certain date. It’s forecasted that by 2030, wind and solar power will become the cheapest sources of
energy in the US. Since November 2016, the number of cities and towns that have committed to 100% renewable
energy has doubled, and several cities have already reached that goal.
Adopt and enforce an Anti-Idling Ordinance to improve air quality in areas frequented by children.
Mayors can advocate for internal policies that direct city employees, such as police officers, or parks maintenance,
to turn off their vehicles instead of idling, especially during the summer. Anti-Idling ordinances in areas near
schools, playgrounds, parks, daycares and hospitals reduce the number of respiratory illness, especially in children.
Create a climate action plan or sustainability plan. The first step in addressing a problem is identifying
it and planning for the future. Many cities have plans in place already. For sample climate action plans and
ordinances, see
Retrofit city buildings for energy efficiency.
Help homeowners and renters weatherize their homes for energy efficiency.
Buy clean energy to heat and cool city buildings.
Transition to electric fleets of city buses and city-owned vehicles.
Plant more trees.
Make walking and biking easier and more appealing.
Ensure pesticide spraying does not use harmful chemicals that impact children’s

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Car Seat Safety: When to Upgrade Your Child’s Car Seat

The biggest concern when deciding to upgrade your child’s car seat is safety. You don’t want to upgrade too soon (or too late). But there are a few basic rules to follow so you know when to upgrade.

This post is sponsored by Dulles Kia Dealer Ashburn.

When They are Too Big for an Infant Seat. Most rear-facing baby seats (Or pumpkin seats as we like to call them) have a weight limit of 30 pounds but not height/length limits. Most of the time your baby will probably outgrow the rear facing seat because of how long they are before they out grow the weight limit. Try a convertible seat which can face front or back , and continue having your child face the rear seat until they reach the weight limit.

At One Year Old. Based on recent studies if your baby reaches their first birthday and still fit in the rear facing car seat the safest bet is to go ahead and upgrade to the convertible car seat and keep them rear facing. In stimulated tests it was found that 1 year old children were more likely to hit their head on the back of the front facing seat while in a rear facing infant seat than if they had been riding in a rear facing convertible seat.  

When The Car Seat Expires. Believe it or not years ago most people didn’t know that car seats expired – which is pretty important if you are saving seats to use from child to child, or buying a used seat. The owners manual or seat label will give you the ‘expiration’ date, and be sure to adhere to it. There’s a reason they expire!

When the Seats Been in an Accident. I didn’t know this either – and when my 5 month old was involved in an accident, our insurance company never even told us! Working in the insurance industry now I know that your insurance company will pay to replace the car seat with the same type or better model – you just have to turn the old car seat over to them. .and for the love of all, please don’t try to sell car seats that were involved in accidents! 

When You Just Know it’s Time. If your kid has outgrown their seat – then obviously it’s time to upgrade. But be very cautious; don’t just upgrade because you just want to, be sure it’s because you know your child is ready. It’s a big step upgrading from an infant to a convertible and an even bigger step upgrading a convertible to a booster. Make sure you know your facts, and check out awesome websites like for more information.

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