LEGO Easter Basket Ideas

My son has a tendency to get a bit obsessed with what he loves to play with. A few years ago all I heard about was Power Rangers – he watched it every day on T.V., he had to have all the swords, the figures, the outfits. It was Power Rangers this, Power Rangers that. As he’s gotten a bit older he has started an obsession with LEGO everything, and I have to admit, I’ve probably made it worse. I know that LEGO sets are great for his mind, his creativity, and it’s something that he can play with for years and years (therefore I don’t feel like I’m wasting money!) It’s so bad that he earns LEGO sets instead of money for doing chores, and every holiday – Christmas to Valentines, and of course Easter, his only request is LEGO, LEGO and more LEGO! It’s gone so far that he’s even got his 10 year old sister creating LEGO YouTube Videos with him, and requesting LEGO sets of her own!


So as I was shopping around online, of course mostly on Amazon because they have everything, I thought I would share some great LEGO gifts for your kiddos for Easter. With Amazon 2 day shipping, there is plenty of time to get whichever LEGO you may choose in time to get it in their Easter baskets!

***UPDATED:This is by far my favorite Easter Lego Surprise – 20 Easter eggs with 20 mini toy figures! Only $17.49 with PRIME SHIPPING! Get this before it sells out! (My son and nephew are going to FREAK!)

The first one I found in my hunt (ha!) was the LEGO Easter Bunny, for ages 7 and up, it has approx. 106 pieces. My 5 yr old easily puts together the ages 7+ sets, but he also has a lot of experience. If you do buy this for a younger child, you may have to help a bit. For less than $30 this is a great Easter basket surprise! (just click on the image of each item to find them on Amazon!)

The Lego Easter Chick is also super cute and makes a great combo with the Easter Bunny! Less than $20 – and FREE Prime shipping!

The Lego Seasonal Springtime Scene is adorable, and great for either a boy or a girl. This set is ages 6+ and has 88 pieces.Free shipping with Amazon prime!

The LEGO Bunny & Chick set are super cute too – (it comes as a bagged set)

This next set is super cute for a little girl who loves pink! The LEGO BUNNY HUTCH I am so glad LEGO has finally decided to make some more ‘girly’ colors. This set is for ages 1 1/2 to 5 , and has 30 pieces. Great for little ones to start their hands at LEGO building. What I love about these is that there are no instructions, they can just be creative without following any directions. Right now Amazon has these for just $14.99 plus 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime!


Next on this list is some LEGO MOVIE sets. My son was in LOVE with this movie, and these are the sets he’s been asking for the most lately. I recently purchased him the Cloud Cuckoo Palace and he LOVES Unikitty (shh don’t tell!) and it’s a unique piece that isn’t in a lot of the LEGO MOVIE LEGO sets. Right now Amazon has it for $19.97 with 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime!

I am going with a total LEGO theme for his basket, so I decided to pick up a LEGO tote of sorts to use as a basket. What’s great is they can also use it to store their LEGO sets and loose pieces, so it’s not a waste like a different type of Easter baskets. I haven’t decided on which one I’m doing yet, but here are a few ideas: (great for LEGO storage!)


Another great one for the younger kiddos, is the Lego My First Garden set. It’s for ages 1 1/2 to 5, and has 38 pieces. Amazon has it for $10.39 right now, and 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime! 


What I love is that LEGO has finally came up with the in between for the kids who are too big for the LEGO DUPLOS and too small for the bigger LEGO sets. LEGO JUNIOR is the prefect size for those wanting to put sets together on their own, but they don’t have the attention span or coordination to put together the older sets. My nephew is right in the middle, and these JUNIOR sets are PERFECT for him! The LEGO JUNIORS are for ages 4-7.  The construction set is on Amazon right now for just $11.99 plus 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime (I ordered this set for my nephew for Easter!) You can get the Race Car Rally with 350 pieces for $23.99 (includes Amazon Prime shipping as well), Spider-Man Car pursuit with 55 pieces for $12.99, Batman: Defend the Batcave 150 pieces for $32.99 and of course the pretty pink Princess Play Castle with 150 pieces for $11.99

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Easter Chick Cupcakes


Ingredients for Cake:

1 Box Cake Mix
Butter Cream Frosting
Yellow Sugar Sprinkles
Chocolate Chips


Easy Butter Cream Frosting Recipe


5 tablespoons salted butter
5  tablespoons shortening
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons milk



Beat butter and shortening together with an electric mixer in a large bowl until light and fluffy. The mixture should be noticeably lighter in color. Beat the vanilla extract into the butter mixture. Add sugar, one cup at a time, beating on medium speed until fully incorporated. Add milk, one tablespoon at a time, beating on high until fully incorporated and you have frosting.

Cupcake Directions:

Prepare Cupcakes according to box cake mix instructions

Using Buttercream frosting recipe dye your frosting with yellow food coloring until you reach the desired color.  Save a small amount and dye that a bright orange.

Frost entire cupcake with yellow frosting, and dip into yellow sugar sprinkles.  Add chocolate chips to make the eyes.  You can also add a dab of white frosting to make the eyeball detail.

Using a rosette-frosting tip make “chick wings” on the sides and then sprinkle a small amount of the yellow sugar sprinkles on top.  Then use a small amount of your orange frosting to make a beak and feet for your chick.






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Protect Your Home From The 4 Elements

How do you know if you are safe? The answer is straightforward, but not always satisfactory: In truth, you don’t know. This is exactly why you should take all the precautions you need to make sure that most risks are covered by a plan. It is especially true when you are thinking about your home, your nest, the place where you should always feel safe. Before considering leaving the house for another place that would make you feel more protected, you need to consider that risks are everywhere. Of course, you can choose the location that suits you best, but accidents are part of everyday life. That’s why you need to think of a plan against the most common accidents that involve the four elements: Air, water, fire, and earth.


Protected From The Air

Cold air is the Number 1 enemy of your energy bills. Whether it is due to poor insulation, old windows or a faulty heating system, cold air can invade your home and increase your energy costs dramatically. Additionally, in extreme circumstances, cold air can freeze the water in your pipes and cause expensive damages to your home system. The best way to stay protected is to use self heating cables that can regulate the temperature and keep the liquid flowing. For cold air in the house, start with a new insulation solution with modern materials, which you can set by yourself in a weekend.
Protected From The Water

Water is essential to everyday life, whether you use it for cooking, drinking or washing. However, the risk of diseases transmitted in the water, even though it is a rare situation, is still present. If you have any doubt, you can ask for a water testing kit if you are using a private well system or if you suspect that your domestic water is contaminated. The risk is especially high for young children, pregnant women, people with a weak immune system, and elderly people.


Don’t take any risk with your water

Protected From The Fire

Every year people die in a fire related incident. This tends to be related to an old house structure that facilitates the propagation of fire, as well as defect smoke alarms. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to fix the internal structure of your house, so the only option is to check that your smoke alarm is in working condition and that it is under 10 years of age. Your alarm should be replaced every 10 years. Don’t try to save money by keeping it for a little longer. A working smoke alarm might well be the difference between life and death.  


The dangers of fire

Protected From The Earth

Earthquakes may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but they represent a tangible risk in the USA. However, earthquakes are not covered by your standard home insurance policy. You will need to take a separate quake insurance for your claim to be covered. So, it’s important that you research the record of earthquakes of your state to take an informed decision. For most states, the quake cover lies between $100 and $300 per year, which is a small fee if you happen to be hit.


When the earth goes from under your feet


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Home Town Proud: Support Cincinnati Bell’s CincyGive Campaign

Most of you probably know that I love to shop; and I do my best to shop local whenever possible. I think it’s important that we buy local and support local companies – it’s kinda like watering your own grass, you and those around you reap the benefits, not some company states or countries away. I shop local boutiques, invest in products and shop at stores that are owned by those in my community – and encourage others to do the same.

Recently I hopped on the bandwagon with some others in my neighborhood, and made the switch to Cincinnati Bell for our internet and cable services. Not only did I get an amazing deal when I made the switch, but we couldn’t be happier with our service – connecting multiple devices that are streaming constantly isn’t a problem, I’ve yet to had a an issue with buffering even when my kids are online doing homework, or watching Netflix or YouTube and I’m trying to get work done.

Cincinnati Bell is doing more than just providing my family with great internet and cable – they are invested in our cities and communities, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is with the CincyGive campaign.

Cincinnati Bell has been in the greater Cincy area for over 140 years – and they are dedicated to keeping our city great. They’ve partnered with My State Threads to create a t-shirt to share our city pride – and help four local charitable organizations in the process.

You can get yours online or at any local Cincinnati Bell store for just $20 – proceeds will go to USO of Central and Southern Ohio, Dragonfly Foundation, CancerFree KIDS and SPCA Cincinnati.

In addition to the CincyGive Campaign, Cincinnati Bell has also developed one of my newly favorite apps – Connect Cincinnati. The Connect Cincinnati app goes along with the cities efforts to continue to grow and be innovative. Cincinnati Bell invested time, money and manpower to  bring Gigabit Internet Speed, WiFi infrastructure, and this app to tie technology directly to the community.

What’s great about this app is it offers you the ability to connect to free WiFi around town, and enjoy some great deals while you’re at it. It gives you a list of local events around town, special offers for businesses in your area, and where to get your free WiFi! Cincinnati Bell believes that their is strength in community -and this app shows just that – don’t take my word for it,  download it now and see for yourself!


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Road Secrets You’ll Wish You Already Knew

Think you know everything there is about driving? Think again, because there are plenty of little secrets that will make the roads safer, cheaper and keep you out of trouble. If you don’t believe that, then you definitely need to read this post. Then you can uncover some of the driving secrets that you wish you already knew about. Trust me, they’re going to make your life a lot easier.

Stopped By The Cops?

We’ll start with a big one. We all have that fear when we see flashing blue and white lights behind us on the roads. Will it pull me over? And, if it does, what on earth have I done wrong? We begin to backtrack through the night and remember we did have a couple glasses of wine with dinner. Am I over the limit? If this train of thought sounds familiar, you can take solace in one fact. You can refuse to take a breathalyzer or a blood test. A lawyer for any DWI charge can use a refusal to argue that the test was not valid in court. If you have this defense, it’s very unlikely that you’ll face any punishment at all.

You may also want to know that an unmarked car has no right to pull you over. This is because an unmarked car could be anyone. Feel free to keep driving until you feel as though it is safe to stop. You wouldn’t believe how many carjackings are attempted by people pretending to be the police.

Thirty Is Thirty

You might have heard that old theory that if you’re over the speed limit by less than ten percent, a cop won’t stop you. Or, you won’t get picked up by a speed camera. Don’t be so sure though because with modern cars police officers have decided that the tech is up to date enough to show the speed exactly. As such, there’s no reason for that ten percent different. Thirty is thirty which means that you could essentially get a ticket for traveling 32MPH in a 30 zone. Crazy and yet completely true. The good news is that you can contest this in court if you feel inclined. After all, it could be argued that a little over isn’t going to make that much difference.

It might also interest you to know that it’s a lot more difficult to get caught by speed camera than most people realize. Speed cameras are expensive to run and due to this most of them aren’t switched on or operational. But don’t assume no flash means no ticket. These days they work with infrared, so no flash is needed.

Tired Drivers Drift

Are you worried about getting in an accident on the road? It’s useful to know who the tired, inattentive drivers are and yes, they do exhibit signs. Tired drivers often drift without realizing it. It won’t be so drastic that they’ll swerve into other lanes, but it’s clear enough to see. Watch out for cars that seem to be slowly swaying. The driver isn’t keeping a tight enough grip on the wheel if this is the case.

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