The In’s and Out’s of Ridesharing

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are all the rage – it can be a great way to make some extra money if you are a driver – and also a great way to get where you need to go as a passenger. With the popularity of these apps sometimes we forget that we still need to take some basic safety precautions. Here’s what you need to know to make it a pleasant ridesharing experience for both drivers and passengers:

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Tips for Drivers:
Being a driver can be just as dangerous (if not more so) than a passenger. Essentially you are allowing a stranger to get into your personal vehicle with no knowledge about them whatsoever. You are not only putting your self at risk, but your vehicle as well. So there are a few tips you can follow to be a bit more cautious as you are out there trying to make some extra money.
Watch Where You Park. Sometimes your passenger can be standing at a very busy intersection, or corner. Instead of picking them up directly where they stand it is OK to let them walk a few steps. Be sure that you are out of the way of traffic and in a safe spot – also be sure not to park over a crosswalk or emergency lane area.
Assess Passengers Before they Get In. As a driver you do have an option to decline a passenger a ride if you don’t feel safe. Compromising your safety isn’t worth the possible extra few bucks, or even customer satisfaction rating. You must always chose your safety over money making, or upsetting someone.
Be Cautious of Your Hours and Your Neighborhoods. The great thing about the ridesharing app as a driver is you get to pick what hours you work, and where you will go. You can avoid driving late night or early morning hours, and even avoid certain neighborhoods or areas that have a higher crime rate. You can use crime-mapping apps and websites to get an idea of how safe a neighborhood is, and if you aren’t comfortable with a certain area – then you decline and wait to accept a ride in an area you are more comfortable with. I know of people who even won’t drive passengers on the interstate and prefer to stay in the city and suburbs. That’s what is awesome – you get to chose what is right for you and what makes you feel safe.
Get a Dash Cam. Dash cam’s have a lot of useful functions. First off, just having one can discourage a rowdy passenger from acting out, or someone trying to harm you or rob you. Also, if you have a cam you have proof and footage of anything that happens in your vehicle, in case a lawsuit or accident/ticket would arise.

Tips for Passengers: Being a passenger in a rideshare vehicle can be dangerous as well – especially for women. You need to always be aware of your surroundings, and pay attention to the ‘star’ rating on your drivers when you pull them up on your app. I personally won’t take a ride from a driver who hasn’t been around for awhile if I’m alone; it’s just too much of a risk, and makes me nervous. Though you always need to be cautious, there are ways that you can be safe when getting a ride.
Make sure it’s the right car. Sounds pretty simple, but if you’ve been drinking ,or if there is a large group of people all leaving and ubering or whatever at the same time, you could see multiple cars there to pick up people – it would be very easy to get in the wrong car – or God forbid, even someone’s vehicle who was pretending to be your rideshare driver! Be sure to confirm car model, color, license plate number and even the driver’s picture on your app before getting in.
Leave early if you feel uncomfortable. 
If you start to get an odd feeling, you want to go ahead and get out as soon as possible. BEFORE you reach your destination. Pick a safe spot (preferably a busy place) and then call a friend, or family member – or even another rideshare driver. Also always make sure that you have your phone charged and some type of cash with you whenever you travel in a rideshare vehicle (or really anytime you travel).
Ride in the backseat. Though most ridesharing companies do require criminal background checks, it’s always a good idea to avoid any awkward situations. There’s always a chance you could get a driver that is acting in an inappropriate way, and it’s a lot easier to get out if you sit in the backseat than the front.
Use common sense. Just be smart – most ridesharing drivers are good people just looking to make some extra money, and it can be a great way to get to know new people (I have quite a few stories I’ve heard from my Uber drivers). Just keep these safety tips in mind, and enjoy the ride!




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The Best Chemical Free Cleaner for Streak Free Car Windows

I have tried many a window cleaners – like a lot. Many have made a lot of promises for streak free sparkling windows, but the best cleaner I have tried is made up of my own concoction. A simple mixture of vinegar, ammonia and cornstarch.

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Here’s what you need for streak free windows:

  • Cornstarch: (cornstarch helps prevent streaking).
  • Ammonia: (ammonia helps remove grease and fingerprints).
  • White Vinegar: (white vinegar is helpful and removing water spots).
  • Warn water
  • Clean bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Lint free cloth

Create the solution: in the bucket mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch , 1/2 cup of ammonia, and a 1/2 cup of white vinegar along with 3-4 liters of warm water. Pour the finished mixture into a spray bottle.

Apply to car windows: spray the mixture onto your car window (it will be quite a milky texture).

Wipe, rinse and dry: wipe the window with warm water to rinse; then rub with the lint-free cloth (or even a paper towel). It’s best to avoid washing windows when you are in direct sunlight because the cleaning mixture may dry too quickly and could leave streaks. Try wiping the windows using an up and down stroke on one side, and side to side stroke on the other side so you can see if you’ve “missed” any area.

You can also use cornstarch to help deodorize your car – sprinkle it on the fabric seats, carpet and mats and let it sit for about 30 minutes or so, and then vacuum it up!


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Tips on Dealing with Foggy Windows

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, or where you live; dealing with foggy windows when trying to keep your car the right temperature can be a bit tricky. During warm and humid times cranking your AC at full blast can cause your windows to get foggy from the outside. When it’s cold out and you are trying to warm up your car, there is fog in the inside! It seems like it’s a no-win situation. But the key to reducing or eliminating the issue is to adjust the temperature on the inside of the car to match or be close to the outside temperatures..and here’s how:

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So we established that the reason your windows get foggy is the temperature and the air’s moisture content. On cold days any moisture in the air inside your car turns into condensation when it hits the air next to the window – so that’s what makes your car’s windows foggy; and of course the opposite happens on hot and humid days. So whether the fog is inside or outside, it’s hard to see and that can be dangerous, so it’s good to know how to make sure to get your windows clear and get you to your destination safely.

When it’s Cold Outside and you turn your heat on, the fog will usually start inside your car. Here’s some of the best ways to defog your car windows in cold weather:

  • Turn the heat on full blast, since hot air can hold a lot more moisture
  • Then if you can, turn the AC on for a minute so it can pull the moisture from the air as it passes over the cooling coils.
  • Then turn off the re-circulation button so the colder dryer air is brought into the car.
  • Finally, if you can, crack your windows for a couple minutes to help exchange the humid interior air for dryer outside air.

If you want to defog the windows in the cold just have your car continually take in the drier outside air instead of re-using the air from the inside that is more humid. Use that re-circulation button! It will be that cool looking button on your dash that has an arrow going through a car in a circle or semi-circle.

When it’s Warm Outside so when the temperature and moisture level outside is higher than inside the car, the moisture will condense on the exterior of the car glass. So somewhat like when it’s colder outside than inside, the goal is to get the temperature inside to match the outside.


  • First thing is use your windshield wipers. This will help get rid of the condensation until you’ve balanced out the temperature.
  • Turn down the AC to the least coolest setting to increase the temperature without it becoming too uncomfortable.If it doesn’t work, just turn the AC off completely for a bit.
  • Unlike when it’s cold out, when it’s warm you leave that re-circulation OFF. It’s a good idea to leave it off to battle the foggy windows so the temp and moisture level in your car begin to balance with the temp outside.

Trying to see through foggy windows can definitely be a safety hazard, but with these tips you should be able to see clearly and get to your destination safely.





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Buying The Right Jewelry If You Have A Metal Allergy

Metal allergies are caused because your skin mistakes metal for some threatening substance and activates your body’s defenses. This kind of problem with your immune system can develop at just about any age, so you may find that certain kinds of metal bother you that never bothered you before. Take a moment to learn more about metal allergies and how you can buy the right jewelry to avoid them.

Common Types and Symptoms Of Metal Allergies

To buy the right jewelry to avoid a metal allergy, it helps to understand why some people react to metals that other people find harmless. Even though scientists don’t know exactly why some people are sensitive to certain types of metals that don’t bother others, they do know that this allergy tends to be genetic. If you have a parent or sibling with a metal allergy, you are more likely to develop one.

Some typical, mild symptoms of metal allergies include bumps, red splotches, and an itchy or burning sensation. In some cases, you might even react by developing a runny nose or cough. Even worse, a few people feel more serious symptoms that could include chronic fatigue and even cognitive impairment when they are exposed to metal that they have an allergy to. If you see or feel any symptoms, you should not ignore them because they can get worse over time.

Nickel appears to be the most common source of allergic reaction. Some other kinds of metal.  that tend to provoke allergic responses include copper, cobalt, and chromium. The problem for people is that these are common metals that are used in jewelry, watches, appliances, and fasteners for clothing. They are also used to create alloys with other metals. People with serious allergies have to take care to purchase safe jewelry from Elizabeth Diamond Company Jewelry and Repair shop.

Buying The Best Jewelry For People With Metal Allergies

People who have typical metal allergies can still find plenty of attractive jewelry. It’s just important to know what to look for and what to avoid. While gold and silver are thought of as hypoallergenic metals, there are still a couple of things that buyers should know about. These warnings have to do with alloys and plating.

Be Careful Of Gold And Silver Alloys

When many people think of a hypoallergenic metal, they tend to think of gold first It’s true that few if any people will react badly to pure gold. The problem is that most gold jewelry is actually an alloy that may contain copper, nickel, or another problem metal. Pure gold is too soft for jewelry, and it’s also cheaper to dilute pure gold with base metals.

Problems with gold alloys are particularly common on such common and pretty metals like rose gold and white gold. When selecting gold alloys, look for a purity of at least 14K because more pure forms of gold are less likely to cause problems.

Is Jewelry Gold Or Silver Plated?


Very often, jewelry makers will use a base metal to make pieces and then just plate these with a very thin layer of silver or gold. Obviously, plated jewelry will cost less than jewelry that is entirely made up of precious metals. At the same time, this plated jewelry still looks as beautiful as the metal used for plating.

As long as the plating is intact, it should protect sensitive skin. The problem is that a thin plating can wear off over time to expose the base metal underneath. When purchasing plated jewelry, make sure it has a thick layer of precious metal to protect your skin.

Plating Or Re-Plating Jewelry

If you have old plated jewelry that has become worn, you can also take it to a jeweler to get more plating added. If you have jewelry that you love but aggravates your metal allergy, you might also consult with a jeweler about it. It’s possible that they can plate that jewelry with silver, gold, or another hypoallergenic metal for a reasonable fee.

Consider Pewter As A Hypoallergenic Jewelry Metal

Pewter is an alloy of that is mostly tin, but it also contains a small amount of copper. Most people are not sensitive to pewter, even if they are sensitive to pure copper jewelry. One good thing about pewter is that it is much cheaper than gold or silver. Even though finished pieces may look a lot like silver, pewter also will not tarnish the way that silver will.

You should be wary of any antique pewter pieces because jewelry makers used to use lead in the alloy. Wearing lead near the skin is unhealthy because this metal can actually be toxic. If you like pewter, make sure you choose modern pewter pieces that are made without lead. In addition, some pewter alloys may contain nickel, which is one of the most common causes of metal allergies.

Other Jewelry Metals For People With Metal Allergies

Typically, the precious metals that don’t cause allergic reactions include platinum, gold, titanium, and sterling silver. Besides these precious metals, some hypoallergenic jewelry makers use aluminum, especially for those parts of jewelry that have close contact with skin. For instance, earrings often have sterling silver or aluminum ear clasps even if other parts are made with base metals.

Some people have the mistaken idea that surgical steel or stainless steel will not aggravate allergies, but today, most of these products are made with some nickel. It’s better to avoid stainless steel jewelry or fastenings.

Why Buy Jewelry Made From Hypoallergenic Metals?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. As mentioned before, people can develop metal allergies when they are children, young adults, and even senior citizens. Like other allergies, more exposure may increase the chance of developing an allergy later. In some cases, these symptoms of these allergies may become very serious.


People who are buying gifts may not know if the recipient has a metal allergy or not, and nobody wants to give a present that will give somebody a rash. It’s always prudent to favor hypoallergenic metals when purchasing jewelry.

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The Benefits Of Portable Window Mounted Standing Desks

With the ever-increasing population, it has become prudent for individuals to use all available space sparingly. One can minimize space usage by acquiring the portable window mounted standing desk. This product is intuitively designed to allow the user to set it up with a very small period of time. Further, it also comes in varying designs, sizes and colors. During purchase, the owner should be guided by personal preferences and tastes. This innovation can hold a sizeable amount of weight making it an ideal table for small office gadgets such as computers. It is no secret that most people spend their working days seated behind a desk. Though seating usually means that their enhanced productivity due to minimal movement, it also means that individuals seated behind a fixed workplace usually expose themselves to numerous health risks due to lack of sufficient exercise. This gadget has greatly reduced the risk of health disorders as it encourages users to spend more time on their feet.

Advantages of Using a Portable Window Mounted Standing Desk

Saving on space

This product is highly advantageous for individuals who have leased small spaces in commercial buildings. The design of the product usually features two suction cups which can be placed on any window provided the glass has been well fixed. After use, owners of this product can easily remove it and convert the space they were using as an alternative office space. This means that limited space can be used ergonomically.

It can be used in different settings

This product is usually portable and fairly light weight. As such the owner can move it from place to place. It can be used in offices, at home and even as a counter in parties. This versatility means that the owner of this item can save a lot of money that could otherwise have been used to purchase stationary counters.

It reduces the risk of obesity

Obesity is an eating disorder that is usually caused by lack of exercise. It usually occurs in instances where an individual is consuming too many calories that the body cannot effectively use. Since the product is designed in such a way that the user has to stand, this usually means that exercises are done through movement. Standing usually burns more calories than sitting.

It minimizes the risk of getting cancer

Some types of cancer such as breast and colon cancer can be greatly accelerated by sitting down for long periods of time. With a standing desk, movement is usually guaranteed. This usually means there is less protein accumulation in the body and therefore less risk of contracting cancer.

It is movable and cost friendly


This product can be moved from one point to another with ease. This means that the user of the product can enjoy different sceneries as they are working. In the workplace, this item can be set up in such a way that maximum functionality is achieved in the workplace. Additionally, this desk is not very expensive. Instead of making numerous purchases of stationary working counters, one can purchase this product for use in different environments.

It gives you a higher chance to a longer life

There are a lot of diseases and disorders that are related to lack of sufficient exercise. Long periods of sitting can greatly affect the mortality of an individual. Since this product is designed for use while one is standing or in constant movement, it usually means that the risks associated with sitting for too long are removed. This basically translates to a longer time on earth for the user.

It improves your posture

Most people who sit down are usually forced to hunch down in order to use appliances on their work counters. This usually strains the back-bone leading to a bad posture. Further, when one is hunched down, eye straining is common. While using this product, hunching down is not an option since the desk can be adjusted to the height that suits the user. This means that one is able to do their work with a straight back hence maintaining a great posture.

Use leads to reduced risk of heart problems

Studies have shown that individuals who sit down for longer usually accumulate a huge risk of getting cardiovascular problems and related diseases such as chest pain. Studies have also shown that exercise such as standing for longer lowers the risk and probability of contracting these problems exponentially.

It leads to increased productivity

Movement usually leads to more blood flow in the body. More blood movement usually makes one hyper. In an office setting, this product can lead to enhanced output by employees since there is more activity and movement. Since standing reduces the risk of affliction to maladies, it also means that there will be less absences from work. Studies have shown that activeness leads to happiness. A happy employee is a productive worker.

Improves metabolism and enhances the general health of the user

Standing is the best way for an individual to regulate their body functions. These can include growth of body of organs, improving breathing, stretching of muscles, building and increasing core body strength and boosting movement of blood and minerals in the body. Upright posture also increases the concentration of an individual and uplifts their mood.

It is long lasting

People often use up a lot of money in regular maintenance of work counters. Maintenance can be necessitated by old age or the existing furniture can become obsolete. This product is usually designed to last for a long period of time reducing the need for constant purchases. Since it can be used in varying settings, it also means that it is very hard for this product to become obsolete.


Individuals purchasing this desk from Deskview with the best selection of window desks, should know that it offers a lot of health benefits. However, an acquisition of this product is usually just a first step. For the product to offer maximum health benefits to the owner, its use should be accompanied by regular exercises. Since there are many designs and styles available in the market, one should conduct a thorough research beforehand with a view of determining the product that is most suitable.

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