4 Mystery Reasons Your Energy Bill Is High

Even with all the energy-saving methods available, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that electricity consumption will increase by 1.9 percent in 2018. Homeowners may be baffled by this finding, even as they make energy-reduction measures around their homes. Discover some of the reasons your electricity bill might still remain high.

You Leave the Lights On

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Turning off the lights may seem like a simple solution; however, burning light bulbs is still one of the many causes for high energy bills.

The Internet of Things (IoT), an integration between computers and everyday objects, could offer some helpful solutions in and around the home. These solutions will not only improve the energy bill, but also reduce the time you spend on household chores. Further, the IoT also embraces LED lighting, which has a longer lifespan and requires less energy to operate. Moms who hope to update their homes with energy-saving solutions will appreciate this news and the stylish options available for lighting.

You Block the Flow of Air in Your Home

Regular maintenance improves an HVAC system’s performance, which includes clear vents and clean filters. This regular maintenance also reduces the service requirements of the HVAC system. In addition, proper ventilation is another important part of HVAC system maintenance.

The thermostat that controls the temperature of the home performs better when air inside the home flows freely. Proper ventilation is also great news for moms who worry about the health of their families. When the vents are clean and the air travels freely, dust particles don’t have places to build up.

You Don’t Bother Studying Your Energy Bill


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While you can easily assume that everything gets automated, many meter readings still take place by live representatives from your utility provider. But these workers could also make mistakes. You only need to take a few minutes to compare the meter reading to your statement to make sure all the figures align. With this check, moms like you will able to tell whether your household’s energy consumption is increasing or decreasing.

You’re Not Thinking About Embracing Technology

Consumers can not only change from a manual thermostat to one that has a timer, for example, but they also have their pick of more energy-efficient appliances. These appliances include refrigerators, microwaves, dryers, and televisions. Apart from the estimated savings on the energy bills, consumers should keep an eye out for government incentives as well. Switching out old appliances for new ones can mean a reduction in maintenance costs. Appliances that are not maintained or are in need of service may require more energy to run.

Investing a few dollars in a technology upgrade will do wonders for comfort levels and have a positive effect on your home energy bill. Sometimes, the investment doesn’t require more funds at all, just a little time out of a busy schedule. The extra money you save could result in a fuller pocket while allowing you and your household to make a positive impact on the environment.


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Embrace the Mess

Sometimes as a parent we can’t see past today – the chasing little ones around the house, constantly picking up messes,changing diapers, force feeding vegetables, trying to calm those  and of course the cost of it all. It feels like it may never end and you’re just waiting for the day when your child is independent and you can feel human again.

When my older kids were little, I didn’t really get the whole “you’re gonna’ miss this” that everyone kept saying to me. Or the “Oh just wait, this will be the good ol’ days that you look back on”, or the “one day you’ll wish that you could shrink them back down.” But with 2 teenagers and a rambunctious 8 year old who no longer likes to cuddle with his Mama – I finally get it.

I get as Mom’s with little ones we get tired – past exhausted even. From morning until dark we are putting everyone else before ourselves. But guess what Moms? They are right.

You are gonna’ miss this.

When they are older you won’t remember (well, mostly won’t remember) the sleepless nights, or constant mess; you’ll remember the cute and funny moments, the snuggles, and silly – that you wish you could have all over again.

So embrace the mess; and Huggies is encouraging parents to do just that – and offering big savings on diapers and wipes at Family Dollar!

We know that one of the biggest concerns with little ones is finances – and Huggies & Family Dollar wants to help. Sign-up for Family Dollars Digital Coupons and save $2 on Huggies Diapers, and 50 cents on wipes!

So stop and smell the roses – laugh and enjoy the mess. Spend more time enjoying and less time worrying – and save money while doing it with Huggies! Find a Family Dollar near you now!



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Don’t Let These Common Skin Conditions Grind You Down

Having any kind of injury or health issue can be a challenging time. Catching a virus or just feeling generally under the weather doesn’t just affect our physical health. It can also throw our mental state into disarray, and you could end up feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about whatever it is that’s ailing you. No situation is more relevant to this as when you have a clearly visible condition; specifically, one that is one your face. Most of us experience a rash or other form of skin condition at least once in our lives – usually something like chicken pox when we are a child, despite the many vaccinations that are now available. But there are some facial skin conditions that as well as being pretty painful, can also cause you a lot of emotional distress. After all, a rash on your arms, back or even neck can be fairly easy to hide. A sore or rash on your face, less so. However, staying cooped up inside for the duration of your illness or infection isn’t always very nice, and if you are actually well enough to leave the house, your skin condition shouldn’t stop you. To get you feeling less self-conscious, here are a few tips on managing some of the most common skin ailments, and how to get your skin back to its normal healthy self.


You may think that acne is something that just affects hormonal teenagers. But in reality, it is something that can follow adults around for many years as well. Chronic acne can be incredibly distressing, and it can completely destroy a person’s self-confidence. Additionally, depending on the severity of the acne, it can also be quite a painful condition. If this sounds like the level that your acne is at, ditch the drugstore products and seek help from a professional doctor. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also vital for helping to combat acne.

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Cold sores

Cold sores/fever blisters are painful red sores that can appear anywhere on the face, but most commonly on the lips. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus which is highly contagious, and they can be very painful as well as unsightly. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure, but they usually go away within a week or so. But, if you think you have a fever blister, there are various things you can do to calm the inflammation at home. Be mindful that cold sores are often mistaken for canker sores, so if you are unsure always seek help from a professional.


There’s nothing that’s more annoying than itchy skin, and if you live with dermatitis, you will know this only too well. This is a condition that is often mistaken for psoriasis, due to its similar-looking symptoms of scaly, flaky skin. Many people find that their dermatitis makes them quite self-conscious, but there are ways to ease its impact on your life. Use gentle bathing products and always protect your skin from the sun. Using prescribed anti-fungal products is also said to help lessen the appearance of dermatitis in many patients.

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Outdoor Fun in Leesburg

Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park
Hike winding nature trails and explore wooded areas at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park in Leesburg, Virginia. This out-of-the-way park is home to several historic buildings, and a cast of wild native plants and wildlife. Climb to the overlook to take in a scenic vista of the Potomac River.
Evergreen Sportsplex
Whether you’re looking for a challenge on one of the 13 ropes course elements or just want to fly on one of their four zip lines or scale up our two rock walls, the Adventure Park offers a fun, rewarding and convenient experience for friends, family, coworkers, clients and groups of all ages!

Leesburg Animal Park
The Leesburg Animal Park is a family-owned and operated business that opened in March of 2000. The Park has many animal residents that you can meet, pet and feed. Enter the “Contact Area” to roam around with farm animals such as goats, sheep and llamas. Jump onto a Wagon Ride, take a Pony Ride or join a Live Animal Show! They offer an up-close animal experience that you won’t get at a larger zoo.
Live Animal Shows at 11:45am, 1:45pm & 3:45pm with Pony Rides, Animal Petting & Feeding Area, Camel Rides (select weekends), Wagon Rides, 3-level indoor Jungle Play Zone for kids, Discovery Room arts & crafts, games & toys! 
Exotic Animal Exhibits: Lemurs, Sloth, Kookaburras, Reptiles, African Serval Cats, White-handed Gibbons, Camels, African-Crested Porcupines, Coatimundi, Patagonian Cavi, Zebras!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dulles Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

Morven Park
Morven Park is located in Leesburg, Virginia, in the heart of Horse Country and just a short drive from Washington, D.C.  As our community has grown, Morven Park has become the “Central Park” of our region attracting nearly 200,000 visitors every year. Whether participating in our highly competitive equestrian events, touring our three museums, picnicking, hiking, playing on our athletic fields, or just absorbing the beauty of the woodlands, mountain ridge, historic buildings, and formal gardens, visitors who come here fall in love with Morven Park. As a nonprofit organization, we rely on your donations to preserve our historic and natural resources, and to keep our gates open to the public year-round.

Historic White Ferry
Historic White’s Ferry is the last of 100 ferries that used to operate on the Potomac River. This ferry, named after the confederate Civil War General Jubal A. Early, connects Whites Ferry Road in Montgomery County, Maryland with a road by the same name in Loudoun County, Virginia. The cars line up on what looks like a boat ramp and drive down onto the ferry. Once loaded, the ferry follows a wire cable to the other side of the Potomac.

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The Best Wineries in Leesburg Virigina

A foodie tour while out of town can be one of the best parts of a vacation. There’s so much that Leesburg offers when it comes to restaurants and wineries you may want to bring those extra stretchy pants for the ride home.

Stone Tower Winery
Wine & Cheese Tasting
Start your tour with some bubbly and a look through the winery’s production facility and barrel chai. They’ll explain their approach to artisanal winemaking and offer an up-close look at all the necessary elements and equipment for creating fine wines. Then enjoy a guided tasting through the current vintages, highlighted by select cheese pairings.

Zephaniah Farm Vineyard
Zephaniah Farm Vineyard offers vineyard tours that are held between 11 a.m. and 1 pm. where they discuss the growth of the vines throughout the season and the influence of the weather – there’s a lunch special for just $15 that includes the farm-grown wine as well as farm-raised, grass-fed beef with a veggie.
Fabbioli Cellars
Fabbioli Cellars is a small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery. They focus on growing and making high quality wines using traditional methods and 21st century knowledge. A standard tasting consists of 7 fine wines perfectly paired with small gourmet food bites. Tastings are seated, and conducted by a wine server who provides a fun, educational overview of their wines over a course of 15-20 minutes, for a truly unique and great tasting experience.

Casanel Vineyards
Established in October of 2008 Casanel Vineyards and Winery is a family-owned and operated business. Our main focus centers on our passion not only for grape growing, but also for whinemaking, emphasizing the way they produce their craft wine. Each grape is nurtured on the vine, artfully crafted in our cellar, and then finally hand-bottled and hand-labeled before their wine makes its way to your glass. They pride themselves on providing a truly unique experience in their tasting room, one that is reflected in their quiet, ambiance and tranquil setting admist the Catoctin Ridge and educational approach to tasting.

This post is sponsored by Dulles Kia.

The Vineyard & Winery at Lost Creek
The Vineyards & Winery at Lost Creek is a 50-acre boutique farm winery with 16-acres of vineyard nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Virginia between historic Route 15 and the Potomac River, Lost Creek Winery is a scenic destination and boutique winery that offers high-quality Virginia wines paired with an array of delectable culinary offerings in a casual atmosphere. The Tasting Bar is an ideal experience for first-time visitors seeking to get to know Lost Creek. Discover the high-quality 100% Virginia wines during the guided tasting of six of their wines. The tasting takes place at their tasting bar and features current releases of their Estate & Bordeaux blend collection.

Vanish Brewery
When Jonathan Staples launched Black Hops Farm in 2014 the goal was to provide local hops to Virginia’s thriving alcohol industry. This would not only support the beverage industry but also local agriculture by promoting further hop farming. With an emphasis on hops it was a no brainer that a brewery belonged on the farm. Thus, Vanish Farmwoods Brewery was born! Vanish resides on the 53 acre Black Hops Farm in beautiful Lucketts, Va. With the use of local ingredients we focus on bringing you beer that is plant to pint and seed to sip. We offer up to 20 beers on tap at a time in our massive Taproom. We boast plenty of outdoor space with scenic views as well as options for private events both big and small. Come see us and don’t miss out on our Mega Flight of 12 tasters!



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