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Hi! My name is Ronda R., Pharmacist. How may I help you?
Customer:  My son who is 5 has a really raspy voice from the cough he's had for a few days. We've tried the throat sprays to help numb it, but they don't seem to work and he is miserable. Do you have any suggestions to what he can use?
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  I'm happy to assist you.
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  There could be infection present, but it is hard to tell without him first seeing a doctor, however, in the meantime to can try giving a product called Delsym for kids
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  and pushing fluids.
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  I hope he feels better soon.
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Customer:  Thank you - we will give that a try.
Ronda R., Pharmacist:  Thank you for chatting, and be well this season.
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