Tips for Updating Your Bathroom

Laugh all you want, but the old jokes are true. People do their best thinking in the bathroom. It doesn’t matter if it’s a one toilet compartment or a spacious bathtub-and-bidet situation. The bathroom is every bit as vital as a kitchen area.

  When it comes to renovating your bathroom, what do you want to improve? Does the faucet splatter too much water when you run it? Should the walls have pictures from your summer boating trips in Virginia? There are a dozen ways you can have an inner sanctum that don’t go beyond converting it into Alexandria real estate. Listed below are several different tips you can do to update your bathroom.


     One of the biggest malefactors in bathroom interior design is mildew. Build-up of mold and mildew is caused by humidity. The worst cases occur in smaller bathroom with limited or no ventilation at all. If your bathroom has one small window or just one overhead fan, then consider upping your ventilation options. A window near the shower or bath provides enough fresh air and sunlight. For privacy’s sake, just make sure the window is frosted glass and doesn’t open all the way.


  Repainting your bathroom may be the easiest, DIY form of improvement you could do. Not to mention the cheapest. Nevertheless, this job will still be time consuming. After you put down your drop cloth and apply the painter’s tape, take care to protect your fixtures. You’ll need to paint diligently around the tub or shower, sink, mirror, and toilet. Remove or cover switch and outlet plates before painting.


  Getting your bathroom retiled is maybe the fourth (or fifth) expensive improvement. So it’s best to limit tiling to areas that need it most. The best tiles for flooring are small, textured tiling with extra grout. A thick textured surface reduces the risk of slipping by providing extra grip to your bare feet. Ceramic and porcelain tiles look colorful, but are best reserved for upper surfaces. Decorate your sink area with ceramic for more pop and easier clean-up.      


  Are the lights not giving enough illumination? Faucet handles getting a bit wobbly? These are tell-tale signs that you need to change-up your fixtures. It’s a given that the replacements should look better, but you also want something that functions better. Is the sink’s faucet head too low? Try a vessel or semi-recessed sink, instead. Maybe switch out the cabinet pulls while you’re at it.


  It’s fashionable to go green. Naturally, people are going to find ways to conserve water even on the barest of necessities. Low-flow toilets are becoming popular for their design and mechanics. The first thing you’ll notice about a low-flow toilet is the amount of free space in the back. This is because the water tank is not on the bowl itself, but mounted inside the wall. Which can make things difficult if it needs to be serviced. Other tankless toilets employ a pressure valve that’s used in public restrooms.

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