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Gmail Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Gmail has a lot of great features for its users, and just like anything else they are constantly changing and adding a lot of new ones all the time as well. Some of us have a tendency to just use … Continue reading

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Exciting Tech Careers You Can Work Remotely

There is this image of people in the technology field always working in Silicon Valley and leading very comfortable lifestyles. Sure, there is a plethora of techies living and working in that region, but what about the rest of the … Continue reading

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Stream Your Media with Google Chromecast

If you are like other families , you may consider cutting the cord on cable. We have been looking at making the change, and trying to save money on our entertainment budget. But whats the best choice? We already subscribe … Continue reading

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Hesitant About Buying Your Kid a Cell Phone? Check Out This Great Alternative

Now before we get started, let me say, this is NOT a sponsored post. This is a product that I absolutely love and I knew I had to share it with my readers.    The average age a child gets their first … Continue reading

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Home Town Proud: Cincinnati

Most of you probably know that I love to shop; and I do my best to shop local whenever possible. I think it’s important that we buy local and support local companies – it’s kinda like watering your own grass, you and those … Continue reading

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