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Avengers: ENDGAME Speechless: Marvel will never be the same, and either will my heart.

In Infinity War, the audience left the theaters with their mouths wide open, shock running through their minds. With Endgame, those reactions will be much more intense. Remember all the emotion you felt while watching Infinity War?? Remember the laughter, … Continue reading

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Captain Marvel – in Theaters on Friday

I have been watching the Captain Marvel countdown for well, a long time. My daughter literally has been counting down the days for over a year for the super all-powerful, bad arse super hero Captain Marvel movie to be released. … Continue reading

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Frozen on Ice: Coming to Cincinnati

Our very own Queen Elsa will be in the Queen City March 7-10 when Disney On Ice presents Frozen glides into U.S. Bank Arena Discover the full story of Disney’s Frozen like never before at Disney On Ice presents Frozen! Dazzling ice skating, … Continue reading

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I have been singing “Let it Go” since 2013. My kids sang it, watched it, we bought the toys. Now my 3 year old niece is equally obsessed. So needless to say, we were super excited to see the new … Continue reading

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Grab Your Blanket and Hot Cocoa and Check out These Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix (2018 Edition)

OK I have to admit – I am a sucker for a good sappy romantic movie. I don’t care if I know exactly how it’s going to end, I am going to watch the cheesy-ness in all its glory! It’s … Continue reading

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