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Top Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Nothing is more scary for a parent then handing your teen over the keys and sending them off to drive on their own. We try and try to make sure they understand the importance of safe driving, and even months … Continue reading

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Keeping the Kids Busy on a Road Trip

Do you dread having your kids in the car for a long drive? You don’t have to wait for them to start having fun until you get to where you are going – the trip there can be fun too! … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of those Flu Bug Germs in Your Vehicle

We Lysol our bathroom, our doorknobs, every surface our kids touch when they have had the flu. But how often do we think about our vehicle? Getting rid of those flu bug germs in your vehicle is just as important, … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Your Gas Money on Your Next Road Trip

With Spring Break just a few weeks away, a road trip is the perfect way to escape those winter blues and have some fun in the sun. The good thing is, a road trip doesn’t have to break the bank … Continue reading

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

When winter hits, so does a lot of difficult driving dilemmas –  from heavy snow and ice to below-zero temperatures.  According to the National Weather Service, icy roads can lead to an increase in traffic accidents. To help stay safe … Continue reading

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